What's it like being a guy?

Whenever I see guys with their friends, they're always competitive, laughing and they can be really mean to each other- they don't really seem to give the same emotional support as girls give each other. What do guys feel about that?

Girls also tend to be on a long roller coaster- lots of highs and lows jam packed with hormones. Is it the same thing for guys or not?

Also, how do you feel about all the pressure being put on you I mean, isn't it really hard to always be told to "be strong" not to cry, ask girls out, propose to them, be gentlemanly, etc?


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  • OK first question about guys, we tease each other because that's how we help each other out, if we were giving complements to each other we would be hurting ourselves.

    Being harsh to each other is what helps us to get a bit emotionally stronger than before and to not give a damn. Girls on the other hand are naturally emotionally strong, and sometimes all they need is some reassurance of how they are doing.

    About second question, the difference is not that we don't feel the rollercoasters is that we try to escape from them, we guys like to feel one or two emotions tops. for us we can be happy just by being chill and sitting down at the computer.

    Girls on the other hand need those rollercoaster emotions to feel you and alive, if they are trapped in one or two emotions, they get frustrated, desperate, and anxious. That's why girls unconsciously seek drama through soap operas, novels and social interactions.

    About third, I guess growing can be tough, because you have to put yourself at purpose in situations where you are going to become emotionally stronger by getting hurt.

    The easiest way to do this is dating a bunch of girls, girls know how to get you, they know how to be mean, and if you want to go to a place where you no longer think is mean but silly, you have to go through all that pain.

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      Thanks :)

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      hey calm down! this one, at the time seemed to me as the most logical answer. Since then I've had a few more, but I'm not going to take this down because it still makes sense.