What drive you so crazy, that you would want your ex back?

so yeah, as the question stated above. Can you girl tell me what drove you crazy, that you would want your ex back? other than the fact that he's dating or talking to someone else? Like I mean What really drive you nuts, that you would just do anything at all to get him back?


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  • At first I thought long and hard about if I only wanted him back because I was feeling rejected. But after a long time, I realized I did genuinely miss him, not just having him. Our split was very abrupt, to say the least, and it was a total slap in the face. Within 18 hours, he went from telling me I was the best thing in his life, to us having a stupid fight, to him not wanting to be with me because he was too hurt from all the negativity in his life and seeing that hurt as something I did. So I want him back because I truly believe we can be happy, and I'm pretty sure he's not close to over what we had yet.

    I want him back because what we had was very special, and he treats me better than any guy I've dated, met, or seen treating other women.

    It's not just the chase. Sure, the chase makes things more frustrating and makes us want to try harder sometimes, but when you're with someone so closely for so long, it's not just about the chase anymore.

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      Thanks :) I really love your answer

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      I can relate to that. How do you deal with it. Has he come back to you or would you him want back?

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      Sorry this took me a while, but he never did come back to me. After almost a year of trying, I have stopped my attempts to get him back. I don't contact him anymore. Not even little funny things I used to send him that I knew he'd love. He would reply to them, but no conversation would come out of it, as I'd hoped. If we're supposed to be together we will be. But finally I'm content with the idea that we won't be together ever again. The memories still pop up, but honestly time heals all.