Why do we have public schools or large schools at all?

we have high speed internet & all kinds of visual communication devices so why send kids to school 5 days a week?

if kids really need 1on1 interaction with the teacher then why not just one day to help with homework/questions.

teachers can still visually teach at a 'chalk board' via webcam/recording, lesson plans can be sent out online, it would let kids work in a comfortable environment, it would give kids an early preview of college, etc.

it also would be cheaper & 'green' & kids would be safe at home.

what are your thoughts on public school and its function?

wow I'm amazed at how quickly people have stated that public school is just daycare...not that I disagree but I'm shocked it happened so quickly
there are plenty of other ways that kids socialize outside of school so that's not really a good answer... you know like going out to play, joining clubs/organizations, walking over to the neighbor kids house and saying hey lets play...


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  • Kids don't go to their neighbor's houses anymore. They sit in front of the xbox, yell racist obscenities, and tune everything out. Public schools are for the most part, a daycare.