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This girl tried to feel my muscles?

This girl and I were talking. we got on the topic of muscles and she started to feel mine (arms, legs, stomach,back) After that she called me... Show More

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  • she wants that P in her V hahahahaha lol ... but I think she's interested man. Go for it! Since it's winter time (if you're in the north), then ask her to go to like an indoor pool or pool park or something. then you guys get to see each others' bodies ;)

What Girls Said 2

  • well..it might be jst casual...don't think much...wait for a series of next moves...bcz if wrong interpretation...u may end up getting slapped ! :P

  • yes its a great sign. A huuuuuge sign of interest

What Guys Said 5

  • yes she pretty much has some sort of interest in you that she wants to touch and she also complimented you!

    what you need to keep in mind for the future is that anytime a girl touches you besides a formal hand shake or something, she's comfertable around you, and either is flirty, playful, interested or something along those lines.

    don't ever jump into conclusions, though. if you show interest in her feel free to touch her back

  • That's about as obvious as it gets, brother.

  • She wants your penis

  • I just walk around without a shirt on, it's easier.

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