You know blocked users can now answer your questions if you are anonymous?

When you click the 'ask anonymously' box it will say 'blocked users can answer'So what do you guys think of that?

oh and you still can't comment on their answer when they answer your question... kinda dumb

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  • It's good for protecting the anonymity of the question asker.

What Girls Said 9

  • thats stupid, they are blocked for a reason

  • It's stupid. I don't want the people I have blocked doing that.

  • dont mind

  • It doesn't matter to me.

  • That's goodI actually like that

  • I think it is bull.

  • pretty lame honestly. why should you be able to answer/comment on a question by somebody that you have blocked...doesn't make sense to me either...

  • Good.

  • I don't care. It doesn't matter to me.

What Guys Said 6

  • Thats dumb because I like identifying the person who posts asinine questions because I know who they are (having blocked them). That's a typical consequence of blocking and it should stay that way.This is not a great move by GAG.I really, honestly wonder who cried to the admins about this "exposure" loophole... actually I do know who.

  • I think it's awesome because it's annoying when you type out a question only to receive the message "You've been blocked by this user!" and your answer doesn't go through.

    • "...type out an ANSWER*..."

  • well its cool if its anon they can answer but you should be able to respond too

  • I don't really mind that tbh. If I'm anonymous myself, they won't know who I am either. If I block someone ,its because they harass me personally

  • Blocking people and hiding behind anonymity is childish and retarded.

  • It's awesome