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Do you, Hahaha, Lol, Lmao, Lmbo, Rofl, or other ?

I am the "Hahaha" type of person, what about you? And what are your thoughts about them (if you have any)?

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What Guys Said 12

  • I use haha, rofl, lmao, roflmao, and of course... lol

  • I try to avoid those kind of things but if I do use it it is usually ha ha or lol.

    Lol is popular in the Netherlands because 'lol' means 'fun' in Dutch and therefore makes more sense to use.

  • I use ha ha on seldom occasions but never use any of the other ones or emoticons.

  • laughing is a nervous response and it fills awkward moments where you or someone might otherwise be able to interject a meaningful response listeners could use to get to know you better so if you stop going to the hahahaha thing or all those abbreviations for it LOL etc then try to say something better and more to the point.


  • Jajajajaja is the most annoying of them all but funny too. Especially when I play an online shooter game, some group of Mexicans will all go Jajajajaja when something stupid happens. And this is even though they speak fluent English!

  • Yeah I do tend to use them.

  • I use hhhhhhh

  • I use them all.

  • Anything... ANYTHING but "XD". I f***ing hate XD.

  • lmbo? the heck is that?

    • Laughing my butt off OR laughing my balls off! :)

What Girls Said 4

  • Haha and lol. I like to switch it up.

  • Whenever I laugh I use either hahahahhahaha etc. or lololololol etc. in both cases I type while laughing so they usually have some odd letters mixed within.

  • hahaha all the way! Because that's what laughing actually sounds like...when I read a funny text I don't say lol..i laugh haha

  • I like to Haha. That's sounds so funny typing that. I think it sounds better. Lol is over used. What a funny question! Thanks for asking it.

    • You know, I have to agree! Lol is so over used!

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