Metalheads, create a playlist please.

Metalheads, can you make a short playlist of great metal records for the holiday season. Nothing nice though, I want evil only please. evilist list gets best answer.

And here I thought there were actual metalheads on this site, boy what a moron I am :(


Most Helpful Girl

  • Agathodaimon-Near Dark Blacken the Angel

    Dissection-Where dead angels lie

    Dimmu borgir-Serpentine offering

    Marduk-heaven shall burn

    Immortal-Damned in black

    Gogoroth-Incipit Satan

    Venom-Welcome to hell

    Bathory-Under the sign of the black mark

    Rotting Christ-Thy might contract

    Tsjuder-Kill for Satan

    Troll-Drep de kristne

    Gehenna-Seen through the veils of darkness


    Thy Antichrist-Where is your god. (in fact they are playing in dallas tex dec 29 2012

    I know more. It is too much.

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      thank you. gawdddd I was ready to hang myself and then this great answer came along. now I embrace life again \m/

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      No thrash?

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      No Thrash thanks be to the gods.

      \m/ :)