Which is more enjoyable to you, Money, Sex or Food?

You're only allowed to pick one! So let's here it!


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  • Money, then I have the means to pay for the other two.

  • money


    food - unless its something really good that I've been craving. then it could be #1

  • Sex, sex, sex, sex, sex yeah.

    • I like the way you think

  • 1. Money 2. Sex 3. Food

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    Money since it can get you the other two, lol.

  • Depends how I'm feeling, in general what you can do with money, sex, food.

  • All at the same time.

    F***ing at Bennigans while paying for the bill.

  • Money, since you're more likely to get the other two if you're capable.

  • 1.Food



  • 1. Lovemaking

    2. Food

    3. Money. I have enough for a normal life. It is more of a necessity than a pleasure. I don't throw money on nonsense, so I always have enough.

  • Sex.

  • Sex of course.