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Why do some guys disappear and reappear later?

I was talking to a guy for a month or so. After a while I got the feeling that he didn't want me. I never chase or keep texting someone after they... Show More

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  • this is normal , I often go weeks without seeing someone than run into them at a bar or someplace public . its normal for short periods of time to pass and not see someone . but your free to move on and date other guys if the guy is disappearing for weeks at a time

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  • he was either

    to lazy

    just needed space

    was bored

  • He doesn't give a damn

  • He may have had other girls on his agenda and is now using you as a contingency plan. After he accomplished his goals with them, or things didn't pan out, then he figured you would suffice. Inviting you to hang soon is for his "personal interests" as opposed to his interest in genuinely getting to know you.

    Move on.

  • Why? They probably don't care that much.

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