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Telling a girl that the way she talks is cute?

Would you tell her the way that she talks is cute? Like would you tell her even you are not interested in her? Or would you tell her when you are... Show More

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  • "Would you tell her the way that she talks is cute?"

    I wouldn't. Not my style. But I could see other folks doing that.

    "Like would you tell her even you are not interested in her? Or would you tell her when you are interested in her?"

    I really don't think I would say that to a girl I didn't like because I'd probably be afraid she'd get the wrong idea.

What Guys Said 5

  • I wouldn't tell a girl that unless I'm interested. :-D

  • where I'm from a guy will not compliment anyone unless he likes them. even then its only if your romantically interested, so yeh id say he likes you

  • I'd tell her either way, though I'd be careful. As guys we know how some things we say to a girl gives them the impression that we're interested in her when it's not necessarily the case.

  • Maybe...

    Like I could be teasing a friend by saying that, but probably saying that would be flirty from me.

What Girls Said 1

  • He could have said that because he is into you and finds a lot of things about you cute and lovely and sexy, etc..

    OR, he could have said that just because the way you talk is cute.

    If he's like me and says whatever he feels like saying when he finds something cute, adorable, beautiful or gross and ugly etc, than you shouldn't read too much into it. If he's not like thant, and is not too much of aq "complimenter", than I think he said that because he's interested in you.

    Look for others clues, and you'll find your correct answer :)

    • guys don't give clues... and we only tend to compliment if youve done something truly amazing or if we like you

    • Any normal person would admit they like something when they do; it's your personality that makes you someone who says that to the other, or if you just stick to thinking about it - it's not your gender.

      And when I said "look for clues", I was reffering to clues that might indicate what kind of person he was, like noticing if he says what he thinks often, or if he just gave her that attention because he's interested in her...

      "Personality" is a concept that goes behond "gender".

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