Dont know how to react to a girl

Hey guys and girls

My question for today is when I am talking to a girl what are some ways that I can make her laugh? and what are some signs that she might be interested in me?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Be yourself and smile and be positive . If you have confidence things will go great. If she likes you she would ask for your phone number, if you have a Facebook, and etc. She will find ways to contact you to get to know you better or she would make plans with you to meet up together


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  • Just be yourself, if you force yourself to be funny, you won't be funny. Just use your humour or jokes you have to make her laugh.


What Guys Said 2

  • Hmmmm. That would take some time, as you'd need to really interact with her often to know what she would like and what would make her laugh. Don't wait, start now! :-)

  • Tease her. Find something about her that is different and unique and tease her about it.