Why is he concerned I am "too innocent"?

Started seeing this guy... he said he thinks I'm too nice and that I come off as really innocent and he doesn't want to corrupt me. I feel like that's an awkward statement. Then he wanted to know about what I've done sexually... and said he was glad I wasn't a virgin. Not sure how I'm supposed to respond to that...


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  • I think I get what he's feeling. He say's your too nice, it basically mean's he feels like you could go out with someone better than him and he may feel he's not good enough for you or not worthy for you and may also feel that he would screw you over somehow and change you without trying. It's like he value's you so much that he doesn't want to do anything that would change or harm you because he feels he would ruin you somehow if he did. This is only if he is actually interested in you. Do you get what I mean at all?

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      Yeah, that makes sense. Maybe I won't bother with him :/ He seemed so nice at first!