Why is he concerned I am "too innocent"?

Started seeing this guy... he said he thinks I'm too nice and that I come off as really innocent and he doesn't want to corrupt me. I feel like that's an awkward statement. Then he wanted to know about what I've done sexually... and said he was glad I wasn't a virgin. Not sure how I'm supposed to respond to that...


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  • I think I get what he's feeling. He say's your too nice, it basically mean's he feels like you could go out with someone better than him and he may feel he's not good enough for you or not worthy for you and may also feel that he would screw you over somehow and change you without trying. It's like he value's you so much that he doesn't want to do anything that would change or harm you because he feels he would ruin you somehow if he did. This is only if he is actually interested in you. Do you get what I mean at all?

    • Yeah, that makes sense. Maybe I won't bother with him :/ He seemed so nice at first!

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  • Simply put, he's concerned that he'll be dating a girl that isn't going to have sex with him.

    Remember that all non-asexual guys, want sex from their girlfriend. Even if he IS waiting till marriage (which this guy isn't), the urge to WANT to have sex with you is still there, although suppressed.

    • So... does that mean he only wants to date to get sex from me?

  • He's a player. Looking for sex and not commitment.

    He's having doubts about sleeping with you because he thinks you're too good of a girl. You're too nice, too pleasant, very feminine. And he knows that he will hurt you should he stick his d*ck inside you. Because he won't stay around for long. It's obvious. And interesting to you.

    "Then he wanted to know about what I've done sexually... and said he was glad I wasn't a virgin"

    --> and lemme guess - that was a lie. Lied to him about your V-card because you like him somewhat and want him to think you're experienced, right?

    Meh ... people bullsh*t to get approval from others. Whatever.

    How to respond to that? Who said you need to?

    • oh no, I wasn't lying. I am a nice person though

  • I think he tried to say he wasn't interested, with the "don't want to corrupt you" bullsh*t. Translation let him corrupt someone else.

    • Oh I don't know about that. We're still going on a date in like two weeks.

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    • By all means, have fun, and I hope it goes well. But he asked, "what have you done sexually'. In my view, this says almost everything. Just my hunch though.

    • oh, that he's just a player? I guess I'll find out :/

  • the way you respond top that is you keep going out and have fun.

    • see where it goes? not let him get anything lol

    • hey it's your right as a human being not to give anything.

    • very true lol

  • Look, don't listen ti the other guys. They don't know anything. Talk to your love interest about it and make him understand that you're confused with what he said. Don't be passive. Be direct. You won't hurt anyone's feelings. Nothing bad will happen.

    • Okay. Might as well. He's 26 and I'm 23... He's got to be a bit more mature than a teen guy

  • Maybe he reckons his perversions are too much for a virgin like you to handle lol?

  • Hes not interested

    • lol weird. why does he still want to take me out to dinner... wait, how's that an indication he's not interested?

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    • Completely agree, had a guy say same thing to me... After still pursuing him because I didn't understand turns out he slept with everyone. And eventually completely disrespectful and mean.

    • hmmm alright. well I guess that's that.

  • Well, I wouldn't want a $hithead like me corrupting some innocent lass. I wouldn't want a girl to waste her innocence on someone like me.

    • lol. I don't know why I come off as so innocent. I guess I'll take it as a compliment?

  • If he's not just kidding around, it's strange.


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