What does it mean when a guy says...

"We don't have to see each other to grow together. By respecting each others duties we are at a more mature place." during an argument about us not going forth with plans for the weekend to see each other. he lives two hours away, and says he can't come because his brother is ill, he has a tournament and a work party to attend. besides the outside factor...what does it mean when a guy says that?


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  • perhaps is your age but have you stop to think what would happen when you are married and in love with your husband but his job requires him to travel, maybe for weeks or months, or perhaps he is a doctor and have to leave at call at night or do double turns at job, maybe he has an emergancy and misses an important dinner o your son's first word, what I try to say is, it really is a more mature kind of love when you both understand that life is complicated and it won't alwas be time or energy to love each other face to face AND with a wide smile but undertand that distance and trouble doesn't mean love is growing weak, lately a boy told my grildfrien "how often he goes out with you?" she answerd "2 or 3 times a week" and the boy trying to sound like a Prince Charming was like "ohhh poor girl, if that's now imagin the future, if you were my girl I'll take you out daily for long hours" which yes, sounds nice, in fact Fairy-Tale-nice, and it belongs to fairy tales only, as much as you love someone, as much as you fight, you CAN NOT be with them always, some times you can't be with them even often, maybe even you get to see each other rarely, that's how life is, but you can't measure love quantity, or you'll go crazy or depressed, you have to measure quality and when you realize "yes this love is a treasure" then in the long months your man is on the sea or the long hours at work or through the challenges life brings, then the knowledge of the quelity of the love will keep you strong and hopefull waiting for his return, at the same time he'll become undertandable and patitent with anything you do, that's what Growing Together means