Things girls do that turns guys off

What are some of the BIGGEST turn offs a girl does that makes a guy just not interested...


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  • They cling. I don't want to text a dozen times a day and be expected to carry a conversation with a girl just because it's convenient for her at that time. I don't want to feel when I take a girl out somewhere with friends that I have to keep her on my arm all night. I hate when girls get in that overly affectionate mood and try and swoon over my every step.

    ps. My case doesn't really apply to you. At your age guys are different. They want to experience everything they can and do it as fast as they can. Most will love infatuations.


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  • Talking sh*t, for sure. In nearly every form. If you put a guy down: to his face, to his friends, to your friends/parents/classmates/coworkers...

    He's going to be much less of a fan.

    Whenever I'm in a relationship that's not doing well, and she goes off and spends time with friends, then comes back with new points to argue, I know she's been talking sh*t. Or one of her friends has. Or all of her friends.

    I think that's one of the reasons many guys like introverts. They spend time thinking about their own viewpoint, instead of developing an idea from groupthink, or just having other people's opinions given to them.

    We want to know you're defending us instead of hanging us in effigy behind our backs.

  • Clingy girls. Girls that play games more than they actually appreciate the relationship. Women that "demand" excessive chasing (it's emotionally draining and really annoying). Women that expect a man to be perfect. We are human, get over it. Women that are constantly challenging a guys ego.

  • Lack of confidence, being self centered, not having a sense of humor, being dumb or pretending to be thinking that's cute, being clingy, being easy, etc. I wouldn't want to date a girl whoops any of those traits

  • 1. Play mind games

    2. Severe insecurity

    3. Expect us to do everything for them

    4. Constant nagging (sometimes, nagging can be justified but other times, it's just annoying)

    5. Clinginess (we need space sometimes or we suffocate)

    6. Holding us to female social and emotional expectations when we're not actually female.

  • Here are some of the most annoying things ever about some members of the XX genotype:

    1. Flaking out on something you agreed to do or be part of. We lose confidence in you.

    2. Talking explicitly about your sexual past. Bad move girls. We see SLUT and target you for only one thing.

    3. Expecting everyone to do whatever you desire. Get up and do it yourself, you lazy, dumb slag.

    4. Taking on masculine qualities and shedding your natural feminine qualities such as being nurturing, loving, honest and demure

  • I can't speak for all the guys but I can say what turns me off:

    - one is not understanding the sarcasm and jokes which all other friends including girls - friends understand,

    - acting like you are interested and being distant at the same time, playing games, and playing hard to get so to speak. (you can play hard to get in a teasing way and as a result get the guy's attention but not in a way when you are playing with the guy)

    - chatting online/messaging for a while and showing interest and enthusiasm and then disappearing for a couple of days without saying bye, which is sort of shows disrespect.

  • Being totally incapable of handling sarcasm or conflict.

  • Girls that never stop talking. So annoying.

  • using your emotions to make basic decisions rather than your brain.

    not getting sarcasm

    easily offended

    anyone who pays any attention to political correctness

    being under the impression that I'm going to do anything for you because you want me too, I will be there if I like you because I WANT to not because you tell me to

    anyone under the impression that I have to change my existing plans to suit you (family occasions HAVE to over prioritise a girlfriend, I shouldn't have to cancel a night out with my mates that has been organised just because you want me to yourself)

  • “It is better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than to open it and remove all doubt.” that ia all I have to say.

    • So just be quiet and not speak your mind and never let your voice be heard? Why care what others think of you?

    • you misunderstand the quote...

  • #1: Smoking

    I don't care how hot she is, if she smokes I'm automatically not interested in her.

    #2 Promiscuity

    Oh, you hook up with random strangers at parties while drunk? Sorry, you're not for me.

    #3 Drugs

    If smoking is a turn off for me, then you can imagine how drugs are too.

    #4 Generally not having your life under control

    Symptoms of "not having your life under control" include: morbid obesity, masssive debt, etc..


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