What does this mean??

so this boy I like sent me his first <3 to me on Christmas eve and has ever since, he message me back on twitter replying to something I said and then messaged me before I replied saying "you should toats phone me around midnight tomorrow haha!:O <3we are having to use Twitter messenger as he has no credit.


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  • What does toats mean? Some kind of slang? Guys are pretty easy about these things. If he is making a joke then it is just a joke, nothing behind it. If he was after you then you would know it by now.

    • I am myself with him which I usually am not with other boys:) I'm almost 15 and he's just 17 so haven't been out with anyone properly, I'm shy! I know him well I think, know lots about each other considering only know each other a few months, he lives on his own because of persobal reasons and my dad and stepmum don't like me talking to him although they don't know much!

    • About phoning, be yourself. Don't be someone you are not but if you want to hang out with him then say so. Make a date over the phone with him. Don't be shy about making that move first. Most of the women I have been with have asked me out first. Nothing wrong with asking. If he says no then there is something wrong with him! :P Best of luck! (Oh and when you know him better you could buy him some credit :P )

    • Thanks, he is sending hearts and calls me rachey which turns me on! I phoned him on Saturday night as he said but he didn't answer and he hasn't replied to my twitter message yet but he doesn't get wifi at home so replies when he can. What do I do about the phoning thing? What should I say to him and stuff? How can I be certain he likes me as more than a friend, he is a really nice person generally! :)

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