Favorite all time band/musician?

And your current one that you find yourself listening to often now a days. JUST the 2! haha


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  • Alice Cooper. Always. He's been a favorite of mine since I was 17, and I've grown to be a gigantic super fan over the years. I may not agree with his politics, but I do love the music. link - School's Out link - No More Mr. Nice Guy link - Killed By Love link - Only Women Bleed link - Wake the Dead link - Triggerman link - Eighteen link - It's Hot Tonight. link - Go To Hell link - You And Me link - Novocaine link - Lost In AmericaI rather like him. The guy pumped out about two or three albums a year back in the 70s, and had a lot of great songs. Some really said something. Some didn't. Some were interesting little concept albums, that work best as a big picture. But yeah, I like it. The guy has a sense of humour, and some sometimes his songs can be creepy, sometimes they can be a dark comedy. It's generally a good time. He's adapted his music with the times, and for the most part it's worked out. Though some of his stuff in the 80s is too crappy to sell in a remainder bin, but oh well, you can't be on all the time, I guess. If nothing else, do check out this music video. It's quite amusing. link Enjoy.

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  • Van Halen is my favorite band and Eddie Van Halen is my favorite musician. My favorite songwriter and all around artist, though, is Matthew Good.I've been listening to Hum a lot lately. They were an alternative band from the 90s that never got the respect they deserved.

  • Pink Floyd has to be my favorite band of all time.

  • I listen to Shpongle and Younger Brother day in and day out

  • Led zeppelin and hmm can't decide for musician, it depends on my mood, I've narrowed it down to three: jimmy page, jimmy hendrix, and john butler...I'm restraining myself from including more HAHA!

  • Devin Townsend. link

  • Brad Paisley and the Drama Kings are an awesome group! Paisley writes some great songs...And YES, it's Country music! Yeah, I know you're hating!

  • I'm a big New Found Glory fan. I've been listening to a lot of Three Days Grace lately though.

  • BSB/Rob Thomas

  • Pink Floyd

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  • Pink and Bruno marz

  • Grizzly Bear link link I will always adore them.

  • Band- 30 seconds to Mars A single musician. Currently since she has the most songs on my iPod Florence and the Machine

  • Blue October

  • Band-Nightwish...beautiful lyrics and compositionMusician-Jari Mäenpää from Wintersun

  • Favorite of all time: I can't pick just one.Favorite right now: Christina A. Man, I love her new album, Lotus!

  • A band would be the fray and a musical would be Ed sheeran , just depends on how I feel

  • MGMT :,) My favorites ever. link aaaand lately, I've really been enjoying Band of Horses. link Plus, my sample of each haha.

    • Damn what a classic, love electric feel aha the shizaam

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    • love band of horses.

    • Classic? These songs just came out.

  • all time, Bob Dylancurrently, Jason Aldean... because I've been missing my ex!

  • My favorite all time band is Led Zeppelin. And lately I´ve been listening to Joni Mitchell.

  • Black keys

  • Brad paisley