What does it mean when your girlfriend says to take things slow?

So, I'm in this situation, My girlfriend texted me all this nice things and says all those same things and event told me in person that I'm the man she's always been looking for that I have already prove myself to her. She knows I love her and I always give her flowers, stuff animals, home made cards but she told me yesterday I'm going to fast. That all these gifts should be spread out so she can enjoy them and if I'm that type of guy that she doesn't want to prevent me from been who I am. I'm shocked. I always thought girls would kill for a boyfriend like me, treats her with respect and cares for her and even her kid. So I'm confused too because now I won't know when is the right time to give her something nice or say the right thing because I'm scared to say or do wrong. Wth! Been dating and sleeping together for 2 months as well but I have a feeling she still has her guard up even though she had opened to me emotionally and trusts me but does she really trust me? I would never... Show More