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What does it mean when your girlfriend says to take things slow?

So, I'm in this situation, My girlfriend texted me all this nice things and says all those same things and event told me in person that I'm the man... Show More

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  • Don't be sad, I think that your girlfriend might be a bit overwhelmed, but she doesn't want to upset or lose you, she just want you to stop being too nice with her. I mean if it's only been two months that you're seeing each other, it's not a lot of time really, and perhaps she just simply would like to know you more the casual way. She might want to enjoy your presents more : ie if you are constantly giving her attention then she won't actually appreciate it as much because she'll be expecting it in a way. Also trust takes more than two months especially if you say that she was in a bad relationship before.

    I used to go out with a guy who was a bit like you, very full on and although it's different since your girlfriend seems to really like you, and try to say what she feels the nicest way possible; I wasn't that much into that guy, but he constantly wanted to spend time with me, got me many gifts and was always complimenting me. And to be honest it made me feel very uncomfortable because I wasn't used to this, and also because I wasn't used to do the same things back. I like to have my own space for example, and I didn't like the pressure it put on our relationship

    So if I can give you a bit of advice : don't break up with her, but slow down the presents/attention. It doesn't mean you have to do the total opposite and ignore her but just give her some space and let her miss you a bit more. In any case communication is key :)

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