Is it a deal breaker for guys if the girl has serious health issues?

For example if she has had an accident, cancer or other diseases?

Excuse my bad English...

Its not my case. I was just curious what you guys feel about this.

Thanks for answering.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Yes and no. It depends.

    I had a classmate suffering from cancer, and I kind of liked her. It threw me when I found out, but I'd still have been alright going out with her.

    Another case though, this girl who had spino bifidia or something liked me a lot. Not so much.

    I hate to sound so unsympathetic, but being constrained to a wheelchair or something, a disability like that, would be a deal breaker.

    Some serious illness that wasn't AIDS or affected her ability to lead a fairly normal life? Not a deal breaker.