Is it a deal breaker for guys if the girl has serious health issues?

For example if she has had an accident, cancer or other diseases?

Excuse my bad English...

Its not my case. I was just curious what you guys feel about this.

Thanks for answering.


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  • Yes and no. It depends.

    I had a classmate suffering from cancer, and I kind of liked her. It threw me when I found out, but I'd still have been alright going out with her.

    Another case though, this girl who had spino bifidia or something liked me a lot. Not so much.

    I hate to sound so unsympathetic, but being constrained to a wheelchair or something, a disability like that, would be a deal breaker.

    Some serious illness that wasn't AIDS or affected her ability to lead a fairly normal life? Not a deal breaker.


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  • Depends on how long you have been dating and how serious the relationship is.

    My uncle was in a relationship with a woman for a couple of years and then she got cancer and he stuck with her while she passed away.

    I am not sure how serious your case is but hopefully it will not be life-threatening?

  • If my girlfriend or wife had that happen to her I'd stick by her side.

    My first girlfriend actually got into a bad car accident when we were dating and that's when we became official. A horrible event can make a couple realize how much they love each other.

  • It depends. But if you already had the fatal condition, no. If it was a long term condition like say mental illness, no. If it was something like acid reflex which everyone has, sure. But honestly, I wouldn't expect someone to want to be with me on the basis I smoke now. So in the end I can understand not wanting to be with someone cause they may die in a sooner time frame than a non smoker. But my boundaries aren't any higher than my expectancy. If we were together for quite some time, like a year or more, I wouldn't bail out, I rarely bail out if its within a month, it is really a gray area based on circumstance for me.

  • Before I met her if she had a contagious one, prob

    It highly depends on what it is.

  • That in and of itself no, although I'd be scared giving myself to a girl who didn't have long :/ I'd probably go for it while it lasted...

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  • For some guys, its a huge deal breaker...

    For some, it reels them in hard early.. but then, one day, *POOF* they are gone..

    and then others, it matters little...

    But of course, what the health issue is, can amplify all of this...

    The worse the issue, the more hardship involved, the more the numbers skew to the negative side...