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If you liked a girl and she texted you....

would you keep responding and try to keep the conversation going. Is it just a guy thing to respond with two words (i.e. "i agree") and expect the... Show More

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  • generally it means not interested. If he does that once and it's relevant to the conversation then okay. But sometimes, even with my girlfriend, if she texts me something like that I just DON'T respond back.

    Regardless of gender, that just makes me feel like that person doesn't want to talk. So I, and what you should do, is not text back at that point

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  • i would make an effort to keep the conversation alive if I'm interested in her

  • I probably would, but not all guys necessarily will.

  • Might keep it going, it really depends if someone showed no interest and out of the blue started texting me I might just be like, f*** it.

    I usually text people back with 2+ word answers, there may be long pauses if I'm busy though.

  • I try to keep it going, but I like talking more than texting. Yeah I'll respond in very short texts, but that is only because I am not much of a texter.

  • well what if the guy didn't have anything else to say.

  • If I like her, I would try to keep the conversation going...

  • I would try to keep it going, he may not like you but he is replying so that's something, he doesn't totally not like you

  • It really depends...maybe he's shy...but I know when I'm interested I don't respond with two words...i try to keep the convo going and if she's the one that responds short and seems that she's not interested then I wait for her respond and ignore her...sometimes they text me back after a day or two after I ignore them. But I wait for a week to see if they send a new text. if they don't I delete their number...but I guess that's how I am..hope this helps

  • Probably not interested

  • sorry, he ain't interested.

    I hate texting, but if a woman I liked texted me I would make an effort!

  • Not interested.

  • Yes, guys interested will continue convo.

  • I hate texting, I don't text & my girlfriend will not expect an answer from me when she does text me.

    But...if I really like a girl & I'm in the process of getting to know her in the beginning, I will text her until I know her good enough to tell her, "I hate to text"

    Good chance he's not all that into you. Try to actually talk to him on the phone so you can get an idea where he's at.

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