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What type of guy hangs out with mostly girls? Is this a red flag?

I really like this guy yesterday I was stalking his Facebook and I noticed that he hangs out mostly with girls? What does this say about his... Show More

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  • Nope. I prefer female company, and I'm about as straight as you can be. I just find women are better to talk to and men are better for engaging in activities with - I get different things from both sexes. I like having quite touchy-feely conversations, so I talk to women a lot - I couldn`t do that with a man.Rather than a red flag, I think it's a positive thing. It shows he is able to relate to women well, or these girls wouldn't be his friends. Only thing I might just watch out for is that he is genuinely just friends with them, and not trying to get into the pants of as many women as possible. It's a big difference in mindset on behalf of the man. If he is just after as much sex as possible then I'm afraid you would be in line to get hurt. If he is just looking for female friends, he'd make a good boyfriend(assuming you aren't the jealous type!), you would just need to be clear of any interest shown in you in case he just saw you as friend material as well. I find the only reliable indicator of a guys sexuality is what gender he puts his willy in - and that's frequently wrong! Some of my gay friends at uni were indistinguishable from straight men apart from being attracted to other men.

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  • Why would a gay be interested in girls?Why would being interested in girls point to homosexuality?Beats me.

  • Gay? No, not at all.Im the type that has gotten along really well with girls ever since I was little. Maybe its because I'm a sociable, friendly and empathetic person, that girls and women are naturally comfortable around me.For that, as well being decent looking, taking care of how I primp, groom, and dress myself (I don't like looking sloppy and prefer looking "clean cut"), and most importantly, my conducts about my "relations" with females (I don't hookup a lot with girls although I have the ability to, and when I do hookup, I'm a private person and don't brag or even talk about it very much)......some ppl, guys and girls alike, thought l was gay.From an outside view, to a certain extent, I don't blame them for thinking that about me. I probably seem eyebrow-raisingly non-obsessed about girls sometimes because my confidence is so internalized.

  • I prefer hanging out with girls and I'm not gay. My best friend is a girl. I find girls more interesting and fun to spend time with and talk to. It seems like all I ever talk about with guys is sports, girls, and nerdy stuff which can get old fast.

  • I have quite a few friends who are women, but that's mainly because people know I have no sexual attraction to anyone (Long live asexuality! :D)

  • (gay voice on)Oh, honey, if he's gay you'll know. Just go shopping with him.(gay voice off)I would be a little skeptical about a guy who isn't able to secure friendship of decent other good guys in his life and hangs out with girls narcissistically sharing the pix. There should be a healthy balance between male and female friendships.

  • No. It doesn't necessarily mean he's gay. That's like saying just because a guy enjoys working out, he's gay. People need to stop assuming things like this.

  • Idk asking a guy to hangout can be a little weird haha, much easier to ask girls whether you just want them as a friend or more.

  • Most of my friends are girls, and I'm perfectly straight.

  • i used to hang out with girls most of the time, now its guys... just depends on the person and has not much to do with the guys sexuality. nothing especially right or wrong with it lol

  • it means he likes to hangout with girls over guys. nothin mo nothin less. don't mean he's gay... id be concerned if he only spent time with guys.

  • Wow please ignore thor93. I would say over my life I've had more female friends then male. I am far from gay or Bi. The other thing it means is he is a good guy. good guys tend to have more female friends. A lot of my male riends cheat on thier girlfriend, I always felt bad for the girl being cheate on and would stop hanging around those guys. So gradually I would have more female friends. He "may" be gay or bi but this isn't a red flag.

  • yes, because when straight guys hang out with girls (plural), its usually with their group of guy friends, unless the girl in the pic is his girlfriend.

  • I like hanging out with girls more than guys and I'm definitely straight. It may point out that he's feminine or just more sensitive than most guys. I like girls because I like fashion, romance, and a lot of other girlie stuff. Right now I don't have many female friends right now and whenever I'm hanging with the friends I have I just don't feel interested in the things they're interested in. I'm not gay, and he may not be either.

  • Well I actually prefer to be with girls. Because I tend to be a very emotional person and guys can't comfort you the same way girls can. I'm not gay or bi or anything either. And because usually the guys I would hang with have no chance of ever getting a girl and I want to break out of that chain.

  • I hang out with a number of girls and definitely am not gay. It could however mean that he doesn't trust his males friends too much.

  • FB is REALLY tricky, I do believe a guy who is almost exclusively hanging with women might be gay, is easy, in the same way a group of girls are together in confidence and, regularly but not as often with boys in a not-so-confident way, a girl can feel comfortable among other girls, more than with man, because there is no sexual tension between her and her friends, while, even if he doesn't like a man, he may like her, and there'lll be tension, even if none of them like each other there'll be some tension, some people LOVE the tension and that's why they hang out mostly with members of the opposite sex, but even them have a solid comfort zone composed by people of their own gender, it happens to me, I hang out with many girls, my best friend is a girl (no atraction but I'll admit, sometimes tension) but I have a solid group of male friends, no homophobic but I'm far from gay, and there's a difference between hanging MOSTLY with girls, and hanging almost EXCLUSIVELY with girls, 2 gay bos in my school usually hang out together but they feel more "at home" with girls, and is more often female company which they prefer instead of each other, 'cause they'll be more comfortable, but they are like one male friend and dozens of female friends, in my case is like 3 times as much women than men, but I have male friends and we feel totally "in family" with each other and lust after girls, but if you would look at my FB profile you'll see my (more or less) 19 male friends and more than 550 girls, if you look at FB and assume my life is actually THAT, then it would feel like I'm only hanging out with women, but FB and reallity are not the same, I KNOW those hundreds of girls, most are only accuitances and we don't see each other much, but I'm a man and like to have women "at hand", on the other hand I know hunderds of men, but only add to FB those who are REAL friends, I enjoy looking at pics of the girl I met on a trip or the cute girl who owns the coffe-shop near my job even if I don't really hang with them, but could,'t care less of befriending on FB people like my banker or the boy who helps me with my taxes

  • Don't read into it too much

  • Some guys get along better with women. One of my best friends is always hanging around women, but he has a girlfriend..like I said, some men just get along better with women...if you're insecure about it, don't go after him, that f***ing simple

  • No it doesn't really have to mean he's gay...im straight and most of my friend are females...some people are like that...i don't get a long with being friends with guys because most of them are competitive and idiots.. but I'm not judging here..its just my opinion

  • Probably yeah .

  • I usually only hang out with girls. Most guys are obnoxious in my opinion. Girls can be obnoxious too, but at least they're better to look at. It's also harder for me to get mad at a girl. Just the facts. :)

  • -Usually means the guy is gay. Maybe Bi, But Overall,Gay guys tend to like to "Make Friends" with Girls/Women. They like guy friends too but really want just one special guy in they're life.-Straight Guys tend to not want to "Just be friends" with Girls/Women. They tend to have a few fellow straight guy friends and just want that one special girl/women in they're life.-Guys that are Bi tend to want many friends from both genders,this is what I've observed over the many years of my legitimately lengthy lifetime of human observance.

  • It says nothing about his personality nor does it mean he's gay. Those are just assumptions based off generalizations.

  • It doesn't mean he's gay, he just likes shopping & talking about makeup, trying on dresses & I bet he's a shaver. Just ask him what size he wears in clothes if you really need an idea. If he tells you he's a size 2, I'd start to wonder.

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