What type of guy hangs out with mostly girls? Is this a red flag?

I really like this guy yesterday I was stalking his Facebook and I noticed that he hangs out mostly with girls? What does this say about his personality? Does it mean his necessarily gay?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Nope. I prefer female company, and I'm about as straight as you can be. I just find women are better to talk to and men are better for engaging in activities with - I get different things from both sexes. I like having quite touchy-feely conversations, so I talk to women a lot - I couldn`t do that with a man.

    Rather than a red flag, I think it's a positive thing. It shows he is able to relate to women well, or these girls wouldn't be his friends. Only thing I might just watch out for is that he is genuinely just friends with them, and not trying to get into the pants of as many women as possible. It's a big difference in mindset on behalf of the man. If he is just after as much sex as possible then I'm afraid you would be in line to get hurt. If he is just looking for female friends, he'd make a good boyfriend(assuming you aren't the jealous type!), you would just need to be clear of any interest shown in you in case he just saw you as friend material as well.

    I find the only reliable indicator of a guys sexuality is what gender he puts his willy in - and that's frequently wrong! Some of my gay friends at uni were indistinguishable from straight men apart from being attracted to other men.