Ladies: Why am I having so much trouble meeting girls at college?

I'm 24 and I just returned to college. I'm puzzled as to why the girls I've met so far in college, have no interest in me...eventhough I'm confident, attractive, and enjoy holding conversations. It just seems like when push comes to shove, most of the girls see me as irrelevant or not a priority because I'm not in a fraternity. What's the deal ladies? If a guy wants to get to know you and he's not in a frat, what's the big deal? Is your time really that valuable that you will only allow yourself to get to know Greeks?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Go join a club or something that interests you..and avoid parties. Try and hang out in a variety of situations for a variety of different people..There are a LOT if really shallow girls at colleges, but there are also many gems with fascinating and lovely souls. Also, don't try very hard to impress my mind at least, that comes off badly. Maybe not so for others, but I personally hate it when people try to impress me d: