If a guy starts ignoring you does it mean he likes you?

So there's this guy. We have been friends for a really long time, like best friends, but never dated. We used to talk every single day, no joke. He would always hug me from behind and every time I saw him in the hallway he would give me a hug or high five or something, even if he had to go out of his way. At the beginning of this school year he started acting really weird. On the first day of school everything was normal; he sat with me at lunch and gave me hugs and stuff. Over the next few weeks though he started distancing himself though. He didn't sit with me at lunch anymore and every time I saw him in the hallway he would look at me and then just walk past, not even acknowledging me at all We would still text all the time though, more than we had before it seemed. It's really confusing. Could he have been into me? I don't really know.


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  • Possibly he always treated you like the way he did by giving you hugs and sitting next to you was because he likes you. He could have stopped doing that because he thinks he's been stuck in the friend zone. I've done exactly what your friend is doing because I thought I had been friend-zoned.

    • well if they came back to you and tried to talk to you about it what would you do?

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  • You never showed any indicators of interest to him so he thinks he friend-zoned/best-friend zoned.

  • When I ignore someone it is usually negative.

    The thing with us guys is that once we feel rejected we'll move on.

  • Simple. He was really into you and now convinced that he's in the "friend-zone"

  • If he was hugging you, no sh*t..

    He probably felt rejected because you didn't see the pretty obvious signs.

  • Sounds to me like he has feelings for you but has decided you aren't interested in him and is trying to keep some distance to try and move on.

    I only ever seem to fall for friends and trying to move on while keeping the friendship really isn't easy.

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  • Look, if you like this guy, tell him straight to his face, if he rejects you, fine. Talk to him about why he has been ditching you & been paying less attention to you. At least then you'll know where you stand with them. Guys aren't fresh @ knowing how you feel about them without you telling them. His cat-string theory has worked, he's ignored you now, he's gotten your attention, whoopy-doo, so just confront him. Trust me, it's better than knowing you could have, but you didn't. I stated in my previous post a few signs you can look for, but just ask him.*

  • I think maybe he felt he was leading you on and now he reggrets it because he cares for you as a friend..bby maybe there's someone he hss his eye on

  • I don't know about the hi 5's & things. Those are typical signs that he just sees you as a friend. There are lots of signs you can read when a guy likes you.

    *He would look into your eyes deeply when he talks to you without looking away

    *His pupils would dilute

    *He would find any excuses just to touch you

    *His face would light up instantaneously when he sees you & his behavior would change around you

    *He would do anything to make you laugh

    *He would show off quite a lot to impress you, etc.

    This is weird behavior , but if you've gotten any attention from other guys lately, then that could be a reason. If he does, then he might be ignoring you on purposely, so that you notice his absence & initiate contact first.*

    • you obviously don't understand guys lol

    • Ohhh, but I do.. ;) because what I just stated above is true. Or maybe he just isn't interested to put it quite bluntly.