What's wrong with him?

Hes 28..his longest relationship is 3 months..weve been seeing each other for almost 8months now..we are not bf/gf..just seeing each other..he said he once was and love..they did boyfriend/girlfriend things without the title and wen he gave her the title she changed so he dumped her..hes always been this way..he only replies wen he wants..answers my cals all the time but smetimes. Says ill call you bakk and he never does..is he afraid of commitment?..or will he never take me serious?..were also snever really lovey dovey


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  • Sounds like he is protecting himself from what he expects to happen, based on what happened before. Sounds pretty shut down. Hope you know you don't have to fix him.

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      So then what do I do?..keep being there for him we he needs me or bakk off?