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His words don't match his actions.

Here is how the guy acts: -he smiles really big every time he talks to me -hijacks convos so he can make them between me and him -drops... Show More

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  • I think he's true to his action.

    Actions convey more communication than words.

    • And your crypticness means?

What Girls Said 1

  • From his actions,it indicates that he has some interest in you.That interest could be as a really good friend,or a potential mate.

    But there isn't much to figure out here if he constantly turns you down.Some men are caught up in being the provider,and they do not want to seem like the weaker link when it comes down to money.They will NOT date you if they feel like their finances aren't in order. ALSO...he may like you,but does he like you enough to want to take the next step.Sounds like he is not ready to.And if I were you,I would stop asking.

    Out of all of his actions mentioned above,meeting his child imo,is the most substantial.

    If I were you,I would chillax and enjoy him being my friend.Don't rush things.If he wants you enough,HE will let you know.

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