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Day after sex, what do you guys expect?

I went out with a guy on Saturday for the fifth date, he called and texted me every day since I met him. At the end on the date the mood was right... Show More

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  • His act of contacting you after sex is a great way of him to communicate that he enjoyed spending time with you, and you're not just a girl who's there to satisfy his sexual desires.

    Yes, he's still very much interested in you, and a simple space and time for him to recover from his anxiety and stress is enough. Just wait for him to take away your jaded heart again. = )

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  • The ideal thing to do is to get a hug to him ASAP, even if phone is turned off

  • Its sounds like you're creating a self fulfilling prophecy. Don't hound him or you might experience rejection from him as well because of the neurotic way that you're acting.

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