If you're cross with your guy, how do you show it?

Say you are in public, and you are cross with him and want to 'tell him off' - by that I mean, get him to change permanently the behavior that made you cross. What do you do?

I'm curious about how different girls deal with that.

And how would you deal with it if you were in private together, like at home? Would you do it differently?

(NB. This is for stuff that has made you cross/angry, not stuff that has made you upset/sad).


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  • In. public?I won't talk to him and I'll be distant

    at home? I'll tell him why I'm mad and we'll probably argue.or not talk to him at all


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  • I guess it depends on how angry he made mi. =/ If it's something unacceptable then I would tell him how it made mi feel and that we will talk about it later.

  • "Silence is the girls loudest cry" it worked for me. He totally gets the hint and tries to make up for it. Plus it doesn't cause a big scene in public haha.

  • I would either talk to him very quietly or I would wait until we got out of the public eye. Then I would tell him what's wrong. But I learned that yelling just makes him mad so I try to talk as calmly as possible.


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