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If you're cross with your guy, how do you show it?

Say you are in public, and you are cross with him and want to 'tell him off' - by that I mean, get him to change permanently the behavior that made... Show More

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  • In. public?I won't talk to him and I'll be distant

    at home? I'll tell him why I'm mad and we'll probably argue.or not talk to him at all

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  • I would either talk to him very quietly or I would wait until we got out of the public eye. Then I would tell him what's wrong. But I learned that yelling just makes him mad so I try to talk as calmly as possible.

  • I guess it depends on how angry he made mi. =/ If it's something unacceptable then I would tell him how it made mi feel and that we will talk about it later.

  • "Silence is the girls loudest cry" it worked for me. He totally gets the hint and tries to make up for it. Plus it doesn't cause a big scene in public haha.

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