Sick and tired of not being a certain "type"

Are you sick and tired to learn someone finds you "cute/hot but not my type?" I hate that. What does that even mean? If someone's physically and personality-wise attractive, then what's the problem? I hate the whole "type" excuse. I've lose quite a few girls because I'm apparently not their I the only one so hurt by this?


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  • No. You have every right to be hurt. But don't dwell on it because the girls who have told you that aren't a really credible source of information on you... at all.

    Relationships aren't about types. Any time a girl approaches you to see what she can get out of you... she's not the one you want. And if you approach girls that way, you'll be disappointed. Because first, no one's perfect and everyone makes mistakes, and secondly, because good relationships are built on people looking for not what they can get from you but what they can share with you and give to you.

    Don't get me wrong, the best girls out there will have standards, but they won't really be that physically-oriented. And from your profile picture, it seems like any girl worth your time won't reject you based on looks. Good standards would be more along the lines of what kind of character you have, how mature you are, and how ready you are to have a good relationship. If you're not a girl's type there, I think we'd both agree that you're incompatible with each other. But I doubt the girls you've dated have had anything so mature in mind.

    Don't stress over girls who aren't ready to respect you and value you for who you are and not for what they can get out of you. And continue to hold yourself to the same standard.

    Don't worry. There are worthwhile girls out there. I hope you find a lovely one. :)

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      Aww thanks..