What does it mean if a lady asks for your number instead of giving hers?

Ladies...I know when a guy approaches you there a variety of options of dismissing him nicely. After the guy asks for number and instead you say... Show More

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  • I hate giving my number out. I don't like giving my contact information to strangers - last time I gave my number to a guy, I apparently didn't get his first try at calling so he actually came to my work to track me down and - in front of my manager - started talking about it in a kind of aggressive manner. Sure not all guys are like that, but if I've just met you I have no way of knowing what kind of person you are. When a guy gives me his number, it gives me time to think about it.

    The downside is I don't always call/text because sometimes out of the heat of the moment I realize that it wasn't such a good idea. But if you might be seeing her again, you'll at least give her a better chance to know you if she doesn't decide to call you.

    • But what about when the guy is also like you, and doesn't want to give out his number for the same or similar reasons, or he's skeptic that you will actually call him?

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    • If you've only met them once, you don't really like-like them yet. It's budding interest. For some people that's not enough.

      Think of why you wouldn't give your number to someone, and then remember some women wouldn't do it for the same reason. If I don't feel interested at all, I decline outright - I don't even ask for his number. It depends on the woman. Trust me that I know how women can work - I kind of have the t*ts to prove I'm qualified here.

    • In summary - I think on some level, with some women, you're right. But not all women are the same.