When you hear that people are going to be fired

How do you react?

What do you think?

Do you worry it is you?

If you think or actually know who, do you say something?

One of my co-workers just msg'd me that at least 2 people are going to be fired tomorrow..

I'm so nervous now...

So, it didn't happen that week..

But that Monday after, the guy who gave me the heads up, got canned...

and 2 weeks later, the guy that was my "in" for my job, got canned...


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  • If it's somebody I dislike, I silently cheer.

    If it's somebody I like, I think "Damn I'll miss them."

    If it's me, I think "WTF? I'm the best employee they have!" (Which is usually true)

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  • I just had a dream that I was working in an office and everyone got fired, and I was cleaning out my desk.

    Firing people sucks, but it's part of business. I've had to do it many times. It's even harder if they are decent employees and you just don't have the work/money to keep them. It's not AS hard if they are crappy employees, but it still sucks.

    I don't know the situation, but hopefully YOUR job isn't at risk.

  • I'm a people person, so no matter how busy I might be, I always take a few minutes to stop and ridicule them.

    • Bummer. Good for you tho.

  • Hope it went okay.

    • The Service Manager was sick today, so nothing happened.. so now people are all edgy for tomorrow

  • Why?

    Why don't you self evaluate yourself. If you know youve been doing your work, and you know your done an amazing job, then why are you allow this to bug you.

    But if you feel like you haven't been doing your work to your full 100% potential. Then you might have something to worry about..

    Even if they let you go, I'm pretty sure your a good employee and your boss will have no issue with helping you out of your next job, not finding it, but reference wise.

    Another thing, they can't just "fire" you. Its called "downsizing" and they will most likely give you a pay out package. That's how big corporations work. Getting fired involves you calling in sick all the time, being a bad employee, and not completing your tasks.

    • I don't work in a big corporation.. apparently the new people have already been hired..

    • yea, well still they can't just fire you. Its called downsizing. And if they are downsizing, they wouldn't hire more people. They would deligate the work of the people to the ones that werent let go.

      Just relax over there. I'm sure your fine. And you will be getting a package if they let you go. That's how it works, small or big company. You can't just fire someone for no reason. Doesnt work like that.

  • 1. I think - the jerks above that navigated all of us to these rocks should sink with their ship instead of saving their own jobs by firing the underlings that just do what they are told.

    2. I immediately look for another job, no matter how small & share leads with these poor guys ... if they will share with me.

    3. I don't quit just yet.

    4. I investigate other careers that are more stable or at least recession proof & start moving that direction.

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  • I've only heard when specific people were about to get fired, because I was friends with my manager before he quit and moved to another city. I knew my coworker was going to get fired because he would never wear gloves when he was cooking. My other coworker got fired because he went on vacation for a week even though he was scheduled, because he forgot to tell our boss he was going on vacation. It helps me know what to do in order to not get fired, so I think it's kind of good.

  • I get nervous

    I wonder who they're going to fire

    Yes, I worry it's me

    No I don't, because they'd be awfully tensed if I did say that to them and I'd much rather enjoy seeing them hurl a potted plant at the person who is firing them instead of me. (Ignorance is sort of a bliss)

    It's normal to be nervous but quite frankly it won't help. Just try and distract yourself from it. Just relax, stay calm. It won't help if you get all tensed and inattentive at your work place.

    Evaluate the job you've done. If it's good enough or better then there are chances you won't get laid off.

    If you do get fired, don't get very upset thinking it's the end of everything. take it in your stride. Almost everyone gets fired at some point in life.

    Don't spend a lot of money until you find out who has been fired. You'll need the money incase you do get fired.

    Good luck!

  • sad, nervous, scared hoping its not me. but I feel sad for those people have mouths to feed and bills to pay.

  • I feel sad. :(