When you hear that people are going to be fired

How do you react?

What do you think?

Do you worry it is you?

If you think or actually know who, do you say something?

One of my co-workers just msg'd me that at least 2 people are going to be fired tomorrow..

I'm so nervous now...

So, it didn't happen that week..

But that Monday after, the guy who gave me the heads up, got canned...

and 2 weeks later, the guy that was my "in" for my job, got canned...


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  • If it's somebody I dislike, I silently cheer.

    If it's somebody I like, I think "Damn I'll miss them."

    If it's me, I think "WTF? I'm the best employee they have!" (Which is usually true)

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      Thanks for BA!

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      better late then Nevah! lol