Women who are big boned?

i was just wondering what you think of women who have big bones. and by that, I don't mean girls who are just fat. I'm talking about girls who actually have big bones. do you think they're still attractive? some people say that big boned women are masculine and ugly.

i don't think that's true. what do you think?

an example of a big boned woman would be jordin sparks.



to you people who are saying there's no such thing as big boned, you obviously don't know what you're talking about.

my wrist circumference is 6.5 inches. that's considered a 'large bone frame' for women. and I'm sure as hell not fat.
i'm not saying I'm big boned as an excuse for being fat. I AM actually big boned.

i have broad shoulders, a big wrist circumference, my hands are pretty big I guess, my torso is wider than most girls,

if you're telling me that's not big boned, "no offense", but you're stupid. hahah.

everyone has a different body. YES, it's possible to have big bones. I don't give a sh*t what scientists say. you guys can have your opinions, but I'll stick to mine.


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  • Yes, some women are just "bigger" than others, including bone structure. That doesn't keep them from being attractive, such as the girl in your links. Even bigger girls than her can be attractive as long as they're shapely. For the most part, an attractive shape means having a defined waist (smaller than chest or hips) and a *relatively* flat stomach (it doesn't have to be tight as a drum, or have "abs", but you don't want a big belly bump or fat rolls).

    Some examples:



    None of these girls are "skinny", and I'd bet they are all above 150 pounds, but they don't have any stomach or arm fat, no fat rolls, and they have waists. They also have hips and boobs; in other words, they are the definition of "curvy." The fact that they aren't tiny thin women doesn't make them any less attractive, except to a small percentage of guys who ONLY like stick-thin women. The vast majority of guys would find any of these girls to be attractive and sexy (they may be a little too old for most of the crowd here, which are HS/college-age, but still).

    • 24d

      none of those women look particularly big boned, just normal and not skinny. you can be big boned and skinny. they just have bodies text are not fat or particularly tend.

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  • I think big boned women appear healthier to me than skinnier girls. As long as the girl does take care of herself to some extent and doesn't just rely on the excuse "i'm big boned" as a reason to let herself go... I think big boned women are VERY sexy

    • and based on your pictures you are very pretty and even a little more weight wouldn't change that opinion

    • thank you.

  • I don't see a girl as beautiful when she's beautiful physically.

    A being big boned is not something unatttractive. Be proud for having that kind of characteristic, not all girls have it.

  • I know there's a difference between fat and big boned. My current girlfriend is kinda amazonian in size. She's got broad shoulders, and her arms are quite thick and strong for most women. I like it. She kinda reminds me of Power Girl. Heck, she's even got the tits for it too.

    Personally I actually quite welcome it. I'm a big guy, who's big boned himself, and I have a extra weight on top of being big boned. Being big boned can be nice for a guy like me. I see girls like that as "sturdy" for lack of a better wording, and it's appealing to me. I find it sexy. I find my girlfriend sexy. I even find that girl in the picture sexy. Miracle Laurie is pretty sexy too, though I doubt many people here even know who that is.

    Anyway, I find it appealing. I'm sure there are plenty of other guys who like it, just as there are guys who don't, and by this thread, apparently a bunch of people who think that "big boned" is just an excuse. Whatever. Look, whoever is big boned should just work on loving themselves for who they are. Someone's gonna love what they got. The rest of the people shouldn't matter. Not to them. They don't matter, actually.

    In short, I like those kinds of girls.

    • Try not to let these people get to you. It's just a face. Some people are bigger. Sometimes it IS because of bone structure. You don't have a whole lot to worry about. You obviously have wider shoulders, and a somewhat bigger bone structure. So fine. It's all good. Their opinions don't matter anyway.

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    • Miracle Laurie is definitely hot (amazing face). I'm sure you've seen her in the Dollhouse TV show, right?

    • Pretty much the only place I've seen her, outside of the occasional interview or random appearance on a talkshow or something.

  • Big boned women can be hot. It mostly depends on their appearance, most important perhaps how they dress (but I think that's true for no matter how your body looks).

    I'm not attracted to Jordin, but she does have a good body.

    Is that really you on your pictures? Because I would not really call you big boned just by seeing those pictures. I've been attracted to girls that seem 'bigger boned' than you. You seem to have a normal body type/shape for a girl. Perhaps if you keep comparing yourself to those very skinny models you are big boned, but they are not the average nor the standard if you ask me.

    • As far as the pictures show, you really don't seem big boned to me, but perhaps it just appears that way on the pictures. Anyway, your proportions seem to be great and usually that's what makes someone attractive, not how big or tiny they are.

  • Some girls just have wider frames than others, aside from the amount of fat they have. If a girl is in good shape and is still wide, some guys are going to be fine with that and some aren't. Personally, I prefer more petite girls. I'm very slender and fit myself, so it feels odd if a girl were to be about my same size or wider. It is easier to feel "manly" when the girl is smaller than you are, just like girls like to feel "protected" so you see out taller, more muscular men. That's why really short, skinny and overweight guys aren't exactly hitting homeruns in the dating department compared to talk and muscular.

    • makes sense.

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    • My advice? Seek out the big burly men who are built like bears. You'll still feel relatively small compared to them and they'll feel fairly big still compared to you. If you flirt with shorter or really slender/skinny guys, I'm guessing there will be a lower chance of mutual attraction.

    • thanks.

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  • Jordin Sparks is not an example of a woman who is big boned lol She's skinny, you didn't give a true example picture.

    No offense, but I'm pretty sure it's not scientifically possible to be big boned. I think that's just an excuse for thicker, bigger people who don't want to admit that they're fat. Not trying to be rude, I'm just being honest. I think this because I used to work at a gym and I have seen very large people slim down. If they were big boned, it would be impossible for them to become as slim as they did. Even with Jordin Sparks, she used to be a thicker girl, but she lost weight and now she looks skinny, for example the pictures you showed. I think some people convince themselves that they have big bones so that they don't have to take accountability for letting their bodies go and gaining more body fat than they would like; they can just blame it on something that happened in the womb.

    • Sorry, but you don't have a clue what science is about and how it works. Where's your reference to what you claim that it's 'not scientifically possible to be big boned'?

      The following is a reference to an actual journal paper, which is considered real science.

      Gina M. Agostini, Ann H. Ross. The Effect of Weight on the Femur: A Cross-Sectional Analysis*. Journal of Forensic Sciences, 2011; 56 (2): 339 DOI: 10.1111/j.1556-4029.2010.01648.x

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    • You: "I'm pretty sure it's not scientifically possible to be big boned."

      Science: "You're wrong. How dare you say something I didn't say?"

      source: "Study Finds That Overweight People Really Are Big-Boned" link

    • Scoopie...LOL!

  • i thought you're asking about big boned. not fat vs thin. most of these answers are talking about petite vs big boned but its not clear to me, they get the question. big boned looking healthier usually means more flesh looks healthier.

    you could be very skinny and bigboned. would that look healthier than small boned and fat.

  • She doesn't look big boned, she looks curvy. I don't think any guy would have a problem f***ing her.

  • I don't think they're necessarily ugly, but I don't think they're attractive either.

    I don't consider Jordin Sparks to be big boned.

    • she is big boned. she even said so herself.

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    • Scoopie, you don't know that. You haven't seen Jordin naked privately in order to say whether she's been photoshopped or not. Not every girl who actually looks slim has been photoshopped. It's not impossible for a girl to look as great as Jordin does in those pictures without the help of photoshop.

    • You're right Empress, I don't know that for sure. I do know some girls I've first seen in pictures without photoshop and they looked stunning and really slim. Then I met them and they were kind of big and some even fat. As long as the proportions are good, the big body will not be noticeable that much on a picture.

      But they use those techniques on pretty much anyone, so why not on her? Especially considering the fact she was kind of fat or chubby before.

  • The term "big boned" is misused by people who are not big boned, just simply fat.

    The term big boned is not really accurate. A more accurate term is "big framed". Brooke Shields is a perfect example of someone who is big framed, but not fat. She is simply bigger. There are people who are very slight framed. They look slim no matter what they do.

    Most people who are fat will say "Im just big boned" giving a sort of myth to something that does exist, but its often misused. Fat is fat, but having a larger torso and big shoulders is not fat.

    • and Jordan Sparks WAS fat, she lost weight.

    • i never mentioned anything about her weight having anything to do with her bones.

      she said herself in an interview that she's big boned. I'm not stupid. lol.

    • She lost weight, but one can be fat and have a 'big frame' as well. And she was both. A big frame also implies bigger bones, hence the term 'big boned'.

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