Women who are big boned?

i was just wondering what you think of women who have big bones. and by that, I don't mean girls who are just fat. I'm talking about girls who actually have big bones. do you think they're still attractive? some people say that big boned women are masculine and ugly.

i don't think that's true. what do you think?

an example of a big boned woman would be jordin sparks.



to you people who are saying there's no such thing as big boned, you obviously don't know what you're talking about.

my wrist circumference is 6.5 inches. that's considered a 'large bone frame' for women. and I'm sure as hell not fat.
i'm not saying I'm big boned as an excuse for being fat. I AM actually big boned.

i have broad shoulders, a big wrist circumference, my hands are pretty big I guess, my torso is wider than most girls,

if you're telling me that's not big boned, "no offense", but you're stupid. hahah.

everyone has a different body. YES, it's possible to have big bones. I don't give a sh*t what scientists say. you guys can have your opinions, but I'll stick to mine.


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  • Yes, some women are just "bigger" than others, including bone structure. That doesn't keep them from being attractive, such as the girl in your links. Even bigger girls than her can be attractive as long as they're shapely. For the most part, an attractive shape means having a defined waist (smaller than chest or hips) and a *relatively* flat stomach (it doesn't have to be tight as a drum, or have "abs", but you don't want a big belly bump or fat rolls).

    Some examples:



    None of these girls are "skinny", and I'd bet they are all above 150 pounds, but they don't have any stomach or arm fat, no fat rolls, and they have waists. They also have hips and boobs; in other words, they are the definition of "curvy." The fact that they aren't tiny thin women doesn't make them any less attractive, except to a small percentage of guys who ONLY like stick-thin women. The vast majority of guys would find any of these girls to be attractive and sexy (they may be a little too old for most of the crowd here, which are HS/college-age, but still).