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Would you do this to a girl you don't fancy ?

It was raining outside. He waited me to finish my work inside than he held his umbrella towards me and we walked under rain but he changed is path to... Show More

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  • Sure. I help people all the time, in little ways. Yesterday, I helped a guy by jump-starting his struck in the Home Depot parking lot (did a little test; his alternator was dead). I've walked women to their cars at night, given people rides, let them use my cellphone, and if I had an umbrella, I'm sure I'd share it.

    Some of us WERE taught to have manners and to help others when we could.

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  • Hey, he didn't want you to get wet...he's just being nice. Don't overanalyze. Sometimes we are just nice guys, losers or not?!

  • Yes, I might do it, without expecting anything.

  • maybe yes maybe no, depending on circumstance.

    if it was a woman I worked with then no its absolutely not worth the risk of a sexual harassment suit, the women at work get treated like robots.

  • I would do that for someone who I want to get to know better, either as a friend or romantically, probably romantically ;)

  • I wouldn't bother unless I liked the girl. I suppose if we were both waiting I would offer. I don't use umbrellas though so this situation would never happen. It would be more likely that I would use the opportunity that we're both stuck waiting for the rain to stop and talk to her.

  • yes

  • Yeah, it's called being nice.It's like holding the door open for a lady with a stroller. Its just a nice gesture, doesn't mean you wann be a father figure for her kids.

  • yes, I was taught to have manners

  • If I was doing this as an "opportunity" to get to know her better, I'd let her keep it at the point we went our separate ways. I'd just said; here, have a great evening, then hurried off to my next point without it.

  • I don't think that means too much. I have shared my umbrella with lots of people, it doesn't mean I want to bone them. That said, just see if he initiates any contact with you in the next few days, that will tell you if he is digging you or it was just a nice gesture.

  • Sure, especially if I wanted to fever to know them better.

  • it may mean something more, but really, YES, I think any decent man would do it, sure, a cute interesting girl would make a man more eager to lend a hand, but no need to be into someone to be nice to them

  • Yes. What he did was courteous and good manners. His parents raised him well. He was showing courtesy to a fellow female co-worker. Good for him.

  • yes, many guys like to be protective and helpful

  • i share my umbrella with both friends and strangers.

    there are many people need umbrella, so I have to choose the one I care about.

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