Does it mean anything when a guy asks you to be his new years kiss?

A guy I kind of like asked me if I had a new years kiss and I said no so he was like can I be it ? ... I said no Because I don't like the awkwardness ... but I wanted to know if it meant anything ? he flirts with me a lot and stuf .. but I wanna know if he just wants a hook up or does he kind a like me too ... thanks :)


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  • Let me see if I have this correct...he flirts with you all the time and he asked to kiss you and your question is does he like you? Really?

    YES! You know he does, you don't need us to tell you that. He might just want to hook up, but normally a guy would not spend a long time flirting with a girl just to get a hook up. Those type of girls are easy enough to get in one interaction---why would he waste time with you if he didn't like you and just wanted a hook up? I don't see it.

    I would bet you he has genuine feelings for you, but I am pretty sure you know this yourself already.

    • thanks a lot :) ... just the fact that he hooks up with people confused me ... he's not really the kind that pays attention to annyone and he usually just hooks up ..and guys always flirt with me so I don't really know who likes me and who doesn't .. I just don't want to be a simple hook up for him

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    • yea your right :)) I might sound stupid right now asking this but I'm usually really confused ... because generally all the guys around me flirt with me I don't really know the difference between a guy that likes me and flirts with me and a guy that's flirting with me for a hook up ... so what's the difference ? how can I tell ?

    • I would say if a guy is genuinely interested in you as a person, he isn't going to be flirting with other girls too...that is to say, you will be his focus. Whereas guys that are just trying to get some will hit on every girl and see which one responses to them.

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  • Most likely likes you, but with the limited info, its really hard to say if he was only interested in a hook up. Like the others have said though, wanting to have sex with you comes with wanting to date you. They are not entirely exclusive.

    Wanting just a hook up means only sex, wanting to date you means a relationship and sex. Sex is always on the table, unless of course he's not human or doesn't have a penis.

    • It's kind of true, but since I want a serious relationship I wouldn't want to sleep with a girl on the first date (probably not even the first month).

  • I wanted a New Year's kiss, too, because I was secretly hoping some girl wanted one, too.

    That and it would be my first kiss with a non-relative / animal -the start of a New Year and maybe the start of new possibilities!

    Alas, I never asked any girl for a NYE kiss. I did dance with a couple girls from a meetup group, though (my first meetup is better than no first anything I guess). It turns out I'm better than average at dancing...I think.

  • Did he or did not use tongue?

  • Wow, really? Well if some girl would flirt with me all the time and wanted for me to kiss her, I also wouldn't have any idea if she liked me... :)

  • He probably really likes you and finds you attractive. Yes, it's true, sex is always in the back of a guy's mind (and in the front and middle too). But that doesn't mean he saw you that night (New Year's Eve) just as a hookup. The thing about guys thinking about sex is that, well---they just can't help it. They can't NOT think about sex. But that doesn't mean every guy is a jerk when it comes to just wanting to be with a girl for just that one thing. I bet he really likes you.

    • Most guys think about sex at some point (unless they are asexual or something).

      The guys who are players (aka man-whores) think about sex with ALL of the women they find attractive.

      The guys who are serious think about sex all the time with just ONE woman they really like.

      The guys who are single think about sex with ANY woman until they find one they are crazy about. Then they become serious.

      It's the difference between a one-night stand and an every-night stand.

  • You're not going to know if a guy LIKES you or not based on flirting (well more than physical).

    Only you'll be able to find out if he just wants a hookup, it seems a lot of girls are a little too forgiving and blind to major issues/flaws in the guy, though..

    Saying stuff like that is probable sign he does like you in some way, never heard of that new years kiss crap though...

    If you like him go ahead and ask him out, it looks like this is as far as he's going.

  • He either likes you a ton or he is just desperately horny.

  • I've never heard of a "new years kiss". Clearly he made it up because he wants to kiss you. Pretty obvious and shouldn't be asking about it.

    • Not sure where you are from but in the US it's a very old tradition and LOTS of people do it. The QA is in UAE so apparently it goes on there too. I'd be curious how widespread the tradition is.

    • Dude, are you from Mars or something?

    • Canadians kiss :D

  • Well if he flirts with you and wants a kiss from you there's a likely chance he does like you more than friends.

  • I asked the girl on new years to kiss me because I was interested in her.

    so normally, id say yes. but that's only on my experience

  • Hmmm, hard to tell. Especially because it's just a new years kiss. Lots of people kiss at new years just because of the tradition, and a lot of the times it means nothing. And flirting, again, can just be fun and not mean anything. Maybe he just wanted someone to kiss at new years, maybe he actually does like you. Does he pursue you or try to hook up with you ever?

    • yea he kind of does pursue me ... and aonce he saw me going in a car and he came and stoped it then he invited all of s to sut with him and when we said no he was like well come with you guys... him and his friend came with us ... whenhe went in the car he was like hug ? ... and later we were all sitiing in a table and my friend sat between us and he was like no leave her next to me . he's a flirt I don't really se those as things that proves he ikes me but that's what all my friends think and idk

  • Doesn't mean much - may be he saw in a movie or something. Just that one statement wouldn't mean much. When you say "kind of like" ; so I could be wrong in you context :p


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  • Gosh the same thing happened to me! I'm so glad I'm not alone. I'm just going to snoop at the guys' answers so I don't have to ask my own question. :P

  • It sounds like he's interested in you.