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Do guys mind if girls have braces?

I'm worried because I'm getting braces...because I'm 19 years old and in college. I'm scared that I'll look bad with braces and that guys will be... Show More

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  • That would be very shallow and I would never turn down a girl just because of braces or something similar. It's just stupid. If she's a nice girl, nice personality, I like her, then so what if she has braces. It's not like they're going to be there forever.

What Guys Said 11

  • Don't care.

  • Dorothy Parker and I wrote a poem together years ago:

    Men seldom make passes, a girls who wear glasses

    and often make faces, at those who wear braces..

  • no one cares about braces

  • I always think it could be scary to get a blowjob when I see a girl with braces, but I'm not against it if I trust her enough

  • Guys love to work with what a girl has. You should play the cards your given. Guys like girls regardless so long as they can generally pull off what they have within their arsenal.

    Braces can be cool. Complain about them when they hurt. Moan when they get tightened, stuff like that Additionally don't worry about what kissing will do, just keep your breath fresh.

  • I don't mind at all. I've seen tonnes of attractive girls wearing braces. You have nothing to worry about :)

  • No braces are not a turn off

  • Thats really cute. Your a Rare Gem to me. Cause iv always found them really cute. But never met anyone around my age who has them.

    • Thank you :) I'm glad to hear that some guys find braces cute

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    • I had a friend who had them at 23 to fix her teeth for about a year.

    • That makes me feel less weird about getting braces at 19. I'm still nervous though

  • What do you call a black girl that has braces and loves rough oral? A black and decker pecker wrecker. No guys don't mind

  • It's definitely not a turn off for me. It wouldn't bother me

What Girls Said 3

  • no guys shouldn't mind at all at least not in collage if you have braces.

    • I hope not...I'm just a bit worried since most people had braces when they were younger

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    • Okay, that definitely makes me feel better about having braces :) thanks!

    • your welcome! :)

  • Hey, I know how you feel, I'm 18 and in college- got braces around seven months ago and was scared what guys would think of me. It takes a little while but you'll get used to them, I actually don't want mine off,cant imagine being without them! I was scared too like I said,because I was getting them quite late and that guys wouldn't be interested or think I look stupid but for some reason since I got them on, more guys seem to like me. I get compliments about them all the time that theyre cute etc. Don't worry about it, theyll be fine :)

    • That makes me feel so much better! Thanks!

  • When a pretty girl gets braces she just becomes a pretty girl wi th braces. Doesnt affect your appearance. Plus think how good your teeth will look with them off

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