Are left-handed guys better?

i have been obsessed with left-handed guys since I can remember. they're usually creative and different from right-handed I the only person who thinks this?


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  • Yes. I'm pretty awesome, though I'm not sure if that's because I'm left handed, or just because I'm awesome and left handedness happens to be a common trait of awesome people.

    Southpaws tend to be accident prone and die at an earlier age; though I think that's in large part to being in a right handed culture.

    Not all lefties are creative, not all lefties are great people, and not all southpaws are in creative fields. There's one other lefty in my family, but he's not creative, doesn't do artsy things, hates artists (though I think he's very disrespectful to anyone who isn't a doctor (though female doctors are low on his scale); even a PHD in film or English is "not a real degree." For being a brilliant PhD, he's not that smart about some important things.

    I am pretty much your quintessential southpaw.


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  • My sister is a southpaw. I'm not. I think we righties are more prevalent for a reason. Don't know what the heck it might be, but there are more of us so it must serve some evolutionary function.

    Watch out for those darned ambidextrous types though. They're gonna take over the world if we let em. :-)

    • ive been trying to be ambidextrous since I was 12!

    • There's a whole range of good jokes possible from this...

    • yea? tell me some

  • I am left handed, and I never knew there are people like you who prefer guys based on this. Well, I don't mind... :P Anyways I don't know if we are better or not then right handed guys, but I think we are definitely different in some things...

  • I don't think there's a difference... really.

  • weird

  • No.

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  • I have never thought of this actually lol.

    But I'm left-handed myself, and 3 members of my family are lefties too.

    The others are right-handed. My mom said that I noticed that the lefties are better in school.

    Lefties tend to be more creative especially in arts and although they are the minority but a lot of scientist/geniuses are left-handed, but that doesn't mean right-handed people are not and doesn't mean lefties are always the best. I met many righties who are just as "amazing" and creative too. But I've never thought of this idea regarding guys lol but it's funny.

    So are you looking for the lefties around you? :P Are you left-handed yourself? ^-^

    • im always looking to see if someone is left handed, especially right handed, but I've always tried to write with my left hand.alot of my friends growing up were left handed and I always thought they were more unique then other people

    • They are unique in some way, I feel there's still a secret behind it because those 3 lefty members of my family proved it, they are better in school than the others. In my college when you go to the art department or even the medicine department you see most people there are lefties. But I have a righty sister who's amazing in art too. So don't change who you are, maybe you're among those creative smart righties. :D

    • Btw, I heard that lefties usually change and try to train themselves to use the right hand because they feel they are odd lol. But I haven't heard of righties try to change to lefties, this's the first time I see it. But maybe if you train yourself you can use both hands? xD

      I trained myself so I can do almost anything with my right hand except writing. ^_^

  • Well Obama has always been incredibly sexy to me, I blame it on the hand he uses ;)

    jk I don't see a difference and the few lefties I have met usually aren't anything special (no offense)

    but you're a that would carry no offense and possibly a right hand woman so..even less offense >_<

    • LoL I noticed there is something wrong in the pictures he appears writing in them lol.

      I feel lefties can be noticed easily, since you always feel there's something wrong when you see them writing or drawing. xD

    • Haha yeah this guy got singled out in class and had to do a demonstration for my teacher because he was a leftie and he held his pencil very different

  • I don't look for them but I'm far more attracted to them without even knowing they are lefties so I guess there must be something different in their personalities that I like

    I've been with 22 guys- 18 have been lefties

    • where are you finding them? you sound like you have a stockpile!

    • I guess I find them everywhere without noticing

  • I don't see what's so great about being left handed, honestly. I know plenty of left- and right- handed guys and I wouldn't say the lefties are any better.

    That might just be my bias because in high school I knew a left handed girl who just thought she was the sh*t because she was so "unique." Super irritating. But guys aren't really like that.

  • You're not the only one :) But I'm a lefty so I'm biased and I'm shamelessly promoting my own kind haha! I studied at music academy and one third of people there were left handed, so I would agree that lefties choose artistic, creative professions. It has to do with different parts of brain being more dominant I think. Some say lefties are not that good with analytical, logical thinking, which in my case seems to be true lol.

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