Are left-handed guys better?

i have been obsessed with left-handed guys since I can remember. they're usually creative and different from right-handed I the only person who thinks this?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Yes. I'm pretty awesome, though I'm not sure if that's because I'm left handed, or just because I'm awesome and left handedness happens to be a common trait of awesome people.

    Southpaws tend to be accident prone and die at an earlier age; though I think that's in large part to being in a right handed culture.

    Not all lefties are creative, not all lefties are great people, and not all southpaws are in creative fields. There's one other lefty in my family, but he's not creative, doesn't do artsy things, hates artists (though I think he's very disrespectful to anyone who isn't a doctor (though female doctors are low on his scale); even a PHD in film or English is "not a real degree." For being a brilliant PhD, he's not that smart about some important things.

    I am pretty much your quintessential southpaw.