Ok girls, lets be real for a moment

when a girl likes your profile picture of yourself on Facebook she is basically flirting with you right?

i know that when I like a girl's profile picture, I usually have some sort of interest in her and would probably have sex with her.

same for girls?

we are acquainted, but not friends at all. I don't talk to her


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  • If I "like" a picture, I like the picture.

    That's it.

    Don't read too much in to things.

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  • ._. if I like your profile picture its because its a nice picture. Even if I don't know you, know of you, are acquainted, got drunk and gave you a lap dance once, its all the same.

    I don't flirt by liking your fb picture I flirt by inboxing you for your fone number and hittn you up or commenting your picture callin you sexy I mean really. Even then it probably has no real depth to it just fooln around. Not like seriously going to want to bone because you took a nice picture xD

  • It really depends on how often she likes your pictures. If I like a guy, I would like his pictures often. Sometimes I would like a picture just because I think it's cool or something similar to that as a once-off thing.. If it is often, then she does like you.* :)

  • No its completely different. When I like guys pictures sometimes I'll think he's good looking and sometimes I'm trying to be nice or like the way the picture is taken. It doesn't mean, hey he is hot lets have sex. Its just a picture haha.

    • yeah I'm an egotistical bastard but at least you somewhat understand where I'm coming from, probably because you're about my age!

  • Not flirting...

  • No I could just like the picture itself, I've liked pictures of guys I wasn't interested in because I thought the picture was nice or funny.

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  • No, I don't think so. They may just like the picture, it doesn't have to mean they are interested in you. I don't like (as in click on like button) profile pictures on Facebook often, but when I do it is a girl but I'm not always interested in her. I just like the picture, how it was taken, or the situation in which the picture was taken. So while it's possible a girl is flirting with you when she likes your picture, it's not necessarily the case.

  • if she likes one of your pic, than it's nothing. if she liked half of all your pics than it is a different story.

    am I right, girls?