How Can I Remove my Reality Check? Thanks for the Rating of 5.7, LMAO!

How humiliating. Does anyone know how to get the heck off of Reality Check/will you date me? Who are 'others' listed under voter - if it's not a man nor woman voting as indicated? And why am I more popular with them? (Falling over laughing)

I wasn't fishing for compliments (although, thank you, nevertheless) or sublte INSULTS I was trying to find out how to get off of there - and who the hell are 'OTHERS' the majority that voted for me. Kayyyyy, anonymous guys who can't face me?
And you if you wanna truck insulting me biyoches put your freaking pictures up, not the fake ones you use, hos.
I'm 100 percent pissed, no sarcasm. Insult me when I ask for a freaking way to get off of Reality Check and I was just joking.


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  • I wouldn't date you but I would f*ck you.

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      Yeah, well let's see the merchandise, baby. Anyway, I'm over this bullsh*! I don't think I'm a 10 but In don't think I'm a freaking 5. whatever...

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      I ruin them for every woman, tru dat, I'm not taking requests...thank you, you got that right on the money. I was jokin' about the 300k, when I'm not really mad AT YOU, I'm sh*t talkin.

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      LOL, he made us all laff, had to...took the edge off. BA for him! TY for all the kind people that said nice things, sorry if I got mean, some of the time I was just explaining WHY I was mad, not yelling at you if you were nice originallly.