I plan to tell him everything I think. I need help, please =(

So, I have been in some kind of weird relationship with my friend since two years ago, by weird I mean that sometimes we hug, kiss and that kind of things (just kisses not sex) and some time ago I decided it was weird enough and I wanted to end it all because I started to feel horrible about that. It's not something we planned, I enjoy his company and he says he enjoys mine, but it's an attraction too strong too resist sometimes and we end up kissing...When he hugs me I feel good and he does too...But anyway, I started to feel horrible because I felt that he was using me, you know, like someone who was available to him with no strings attached and that sort of things...We have little time, so we could go out just like one time a month, but anyway I feel like that...When I told him about it he said that it was better to take distance, that we needed to reflex, think and try to understand. When the time to talk came, he said that know it's easier for him to talk with me and now he feels better around me, but I don't know. I still feel horrible...I plan to tell him everything I think (that he is just using me and that sort of things) but I don't know if it's too precipitated...I need help please, what do you think? Please :(


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  • It's best if you talk about him all of your discomforts and how you want things to go on from now.

    Go with your plan. Nothing will be lost if you say what you want. This is for your own happiness.


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  • just talk to him, normally. Don't be aggressive nor shy. Just do it.

    He has a mouth to defend him self and justify his attitude.

  • just ask him to come your room to talk. and when he comes here seduce him to have a sex with you like you can wear a hot dress, put a condom on the table near he is sitted. then he definitely starts to do the sex with u. after the sex tell him that it was our last time. I dnt wnt this to further continue.


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