Physical presence. Relationships and friendships

Do you believe that people can truly be affected by the physical presence of another human being? I guess I'm not really sure if I believe this sort of thing...I mean just because a person who doesn't smoke hangs out with a person who does, doesn't mean they're going to pick up or drop the habit, right?

I'm talking PURE PHYSICAL presence, I'm not talking about emotional (heart) or logical (brain)


Most Helpful Girl

  • It may not be the actual physical nature of the person but the energy that follows them. In the case of a smoker, perhaps it isn't the habit were picking up from other people but the reasons why the habit exists in the first place. People will naturally take on other peoples traits, so if you hang around with someone who is very depressed, this will rub off on you. Back to the smoker ... Say your friends habit is fed by a stressful lifestyle, just by being in the presence of this negative energy you could also find yourself getting increasingly stressed as your friend does. This in turn could also cause you to smoke.

    Studies have shown that women who intend to loose weight have an increased success rate if their friends have a like minded outlook on health and weight loss. This is a great example of how positive energy can impact us in a beneficial way. It isn't always negative but it can certainly work from either side.