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Physical presence. Relationships and friendships

Do you believe that people can truly be affected by the physical presence of another human being? I guess I'm not really sure if I believe this sort... Show More

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  • It may not be the actual physical nature of the person but the energy that follows them. In the case of a smoker, perhaps it isn't the habit were picking up from other people but the reasons why the habit exists in the first place. People will naturally take on other peoples traits, so if you hang around with someone who is very depressed, this will rub off on you. Back to the smoker ... Say your friends habit is fed by a stressful lifestyle, just by being in the presence of this negative energy you could also find yourself getting increasingly stressed as your friend does. This in turn could also cause you to smoke.

    Studies have shown that women who intend to loose weight have an increased success rate if their friends have a like minded outlook on health and weight loss. This is a great example of how positive energy can impact us in a beneficial way. It isn't always negative but it can certainly work from either side.

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  • yes defiantly we are creatures of habit.

  • We are a product of our environment. The company we keep will effect and shape us heavily

  • Our bodies do release pheromones - chemicals that can affect a physical biological response from proximity. Typically sexual in humans, which can, in turn, influence behavior.

    As for picking up good or bad habits - I think that's more psychological than physical. A desire to impress, control, repulse, manipulate, etc., regardless of conscious behavior, is more cerebral than primal.

  • Wouldn't say it's a physical presence thing, more of a you see your friends doing it/a lot of people doing it/you've seen people do it so many times your desensitized so you less against trying it yourself. Also it's more often than evil corrupts good rather than the other way round.

  • i get nauseated if a male I find myself very unattracted to keeps approaching me. I know its really weird, but maybe its a natural defense system?

  • why do infants pick up on the language their parents speak? it is because they pick up the language from their parents with whom they are in contact with. similarly, when we hang out with people we do get affected with their physical presence and habits. Its like the people you are with you tend to pick on their habits( but it is not always necessary if you use your brains I guess.). I dated a guy who smokes and I picked up the habit I dint use my brain after that he asked me to quit but I just cannot because now I am with such people who smoke. it just depends though I make it a point I don't smoke in front of non smokers.

  • I m smoked my best mate started . I met a guy who don't smoke we dated I stopped smoking nôw my best mate has. Idk

  • yes it has a huge impact on how we behave and how we want to be...hang out with someone who dresses untidily and has no manners...you'll pick up similar habits...hang out with people who have class and manners and morals...you'll feel better about yourself I guess. It really has an imp impact on us. the people we hang with give off some kind of energy we can pick up. and that's why hanging with the wrong crowd...even just based on physical appearance can have its own weir effects.

  • The physical presence alone of a girl I hate makes me sick all the time, like it literally makes me nauseous it never fails, but maybe that's because it is an emotional response to a physical presence.

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