Ladies could you reveal your subtle hint?

We all know us guys are oblivious to subtle hints that ladies give out, so I'm here asking what are this hints you girls give to show your interest?

Guy feel free to tell which hints you catch onto


Most Helpful Girl

  • She'll look at your face with bright eyes and a big smile.

    She'll be facing towards you. If you're sitting next to each other, look for her to be tilted slightly in your direction. Some girls don't even realize they do it, but it shows they're paying attention to you.

    If you're in a group, she'll be paying attention to what you say more than anyone else. So if everyone is talking over each other and you suddenly open your mouth to say something, she'll be listening and reacting to you.

    She'll make excuses to spend more time with you. For example, I went to a movie last week with a group of friends, my crush included. After it ended, we were hanging out in the lobby of the theater, and my friend who was heading out offered to walk me to my car. And I declined because my crush was staying behind and I wanted to hang out with him some more.