Sexiest hair on a girl?

What type of hair do you think is most appealing on a girl? color? Length? Curly/straight? Ponytail/bunches/down?


Most Helpful Guy

  • It usually depends on the girl really, it is like when you see some celebrities look hot and then change the haircut and be just meh... not that nice.

    I however honestly believe that if you like what you see in the mirror it will work much more, because as you leave the house you have that mindset of "I look hot" (we get it wearing suits and with a fresh haircut often) and you tell me about the results.

    If you feel that you are appealing, then you will be more appealing. So you could try different things and see what you like most, only advice would be don't go too crazy, those kind of lady gaga things are not nice.