Guys, what could be the reasons you are still not marrying her?

I know this guy, he's 34, with great career, money, car, house, perfect looks, everything is perfect, he's basically more than ready to marry someone. He already has a girlfriend, but what baffles me, why is he still not marrying her? I mean, if you already have everything, what makes you still not marrying a girl you claimed you love? I thought that when you really met that special someone, you will have this urges to marry them right on the spot. Thoughts anyone?

He's from a country where the people will push you to get marry young especially if you already have everything, aka traditional people. And yes, he's still living there in that society and I honestly believe he values their tradition too.
Please I know in USA people can live together without getting married just like that, but in his country is nothing like that, it's something that both families will frowned upon. So any other reason that you could think of why he's still not marrying her?


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  • maybe he doesn't see the need to rush into something , keep in mind a marriage is a complex legal arraignment and if his relationship were to not work out he's not out much but if a marriage doesn't work out he could be out thousands $ . sometimes its not about love but about money and maybe he wants to make sure she's not just after that I don't know . you have to remember 100 years ago divorce was rare and marriages lasted till death but now divorce is common and divorce laywers common , this has really changed the dynamics of marriage and caused some guys to be more cautious

    • I know, but I thought that when you found that perfect someone, you will have this urges to marry them as soon as you can right? I mean, if he's that paranoid, why be in relationship in the 1st place?

    • " I thought that when you found that perfect someone, you will have this urges to marry them as soon as you can right?"

      I'm not sure why you jumped to this conclusion, but clearly that is NOT necessarily the case. Many guys are in no hurry to marry, NO MATTER WHAT. It doesn't matter to them how great the girl is, or how financially secure they are, or what their family wants. They aren't ready until they're ready, and that may be NEVER.


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  • Why should he marry her? Because society said says it's needed? Maybe he is happy with the situation. If its not broke why fix it?

  • Hmm, my first urge might be to do something on the spot, but it's generally not marriage.

    It sounds like he is getting what he wants, and if they aren't living together, maybe he prefers some space. Sounds ideal to me.

  • Besides tax and legal aspects, what will marriage change that they don't already have?

    • legitimate babies? :D hahaha

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    • trust me in the country he's living in, everything matters.

    • That's unfortunate.

  • Nothing to gain and so very, very much to lose.

  • He probably wants to make sure that the girl is really right for him. He might not be sure that she's truly wife material or mother material. Also, he could want a better girl, but that she'll do for now. Meaning he's attracted to her, but not crazy about her. You might assume that he loves her more than he does. A man who is hot, has money and is successful doesn't have to marry just because a woman wants it. He marries on his own terms the woman he wants to marry.

    • I don't get it, he loves her more than he does? what does it mean?

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    • So in this case, if a girl come along, and he's attracted to her, so there's chance that he will shift towards the new girl?

    • Absolutely. He could either shift towards a new girl, or be perfectly happy with his current girl, just not that he wants to get married. Many men can be happy in a relationship that doesn't lead to marriage, whereas most girls get upset if a relationship doesn't lead eventually to marriage.

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  • Not many guys want to get married now a days. If he has everything what is there to gain by getting married?

    if the relationship fails/divorce he looses half of everything (unless there is a pre-nup, which is rare)

    you can love someone without marring them. You can marry someone that you don't love.

    For him it's better this way.