Would I be consider a good catch for the average girl?

I have job now

I'm working on a degree in music industry

I've already got noticed with my music in MAJOR Magazines , millions of reads.

I did feature with a famous rapper

I got major industry contacts so I should be able make living very well of my music soon!

I got contract offers or interest from well Establishment record labels.

my physical appearance is well groomed and facile features are very unique so you might get a good laughs if you got too much gas in your had or :) or! you might dig them. Basically I still look very good to be honest but some people can't handle different. I'm your all American pretty boy because I'm not from American !


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  • Depends on the girl. For me no because I don't want that celebrity lifestyle

    • im not a public person

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    • its no compromise hahah but go ahead and rate me if you like... I've tahen harder blows :) hahah your saying like all succces in world that I can get would be in exchange of tourcher of having too look at my hahahahah

    • What? No I am saying success in life will not determine whether or not you're a "catch". Who you are as a person because you wanna be with someone you like

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  • Well... Catch? Maybe. To some girls. But you seem awfully self centered. I mean look at your username. And the way you talk about yourself. Not my type. However, you seem to have some nice things going for you which will qualify you as a catch to some

    • WOW! self centered isn't it .you know nothing about a guy who write online ,you sound so foolish now.

  • I think you'd be considered a catch for the right girl. If she is into you being successful, playing music and being featured in magazines I think you would be a great catch for her! :)

  • where can I hear your music?

  • you are weird

    • "your weird your weird" good then those that make you feel any more normal by saying this? your trying too seems normal.. I got big things pooping! I going to majors! just fact frend!

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    • pie

    • not too be mean or anything ahaahah your great!

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  • Ok so I was totally high off of weed when I was reading all this and your replies...I couldn't understand ANYTHING. I was freaking out and laughing like crazy.

    I calmed down and I'm relieved to know that it's not my fault...I really was reading sentences like "I'm not from American".

    Also, I don't know man...if I were a girl, I wouldn't really come after you. But hey, anything's possible. If Neil Strauss could make it, you can too.

    • ok your not a girl nether do you seem gay hahah so how can you even get into the mind of a girl judging me?

    • im getting sort of a second class citizen vibe...haha

  • just a good husband material guy..taht ll do..

  • Judging from your pictures average girls wouldn't be interested.

    The bottom of your nose is far too wide and the tip is bulbous. Furthermore you have a noticeably receded hairline.

    Accept your fate. Fat girls are your only option.

    • turn thrown upside down? :) what's wrong ...a little small? why are you so angry?

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    • i took the symmetry test so don't tell me about my facile structure hahha I scores a good 9 out 10 and some pics 8 out of 10

    • No dude fat girls have standards too. There are plenty of chubby chasers not to have to put up with the attitude

  • It depends, but if you feel she's right for you, you can go for it.

  • "I am not from American" LOL.

    • im not but any way that's how neck down south say it! hahah America is the English term "American" is how clans men used say it down south.

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    • my grammar is relevant with topic of being from different country, besides I got education in USA and America wasn't a free country ,just ask the Indiana (native Americans) your most likely from different country , the same area that I came from if we both while.

    • Catvshuman you should try to pass the citizenship but the world citizenship since we are all in together.