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He didn't answer right away, does this mean he's not into me?

I've had a ton of disappointments when it comes to guys. I have met at like dances and stuff, they show interest, then after that event they are... Show More

I mean I do NOT cling to them lol
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What Guys Said 1

  • Not at all, see how your response goes, never put in more effort than the guys willing to put in, so see if he does answer, if not, then yeah, delete his number, no point wasting time on a dead beat right, if he's into you, he will respond, I would,x

What Girls Said 1

  • There are 2 possibilities here:1. He DOES NOT LIKE YOU. MOVE ON2. He DOES like you :) which is why he texted you back. however, he might be a bit busy. if he texts back, wait a while, show that you're not always standing around waiting to text him backi hope he likes you!

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