He didn't answer right away, does this mean he's not into me?

I've had a ton of disappointments when it comes to guys. I have met at like dances and stuff, they show interest, then after that event they are MIA. I do cling to them, I send them one or two texts, then delete their #. This guy lives far away and I know he used to like me. I've always liked him and I saw him at the end of last year at an event. He seemed interested and when I texted him he texted me right away and we had a short convo. Yesterday was a big holiday and I texted him, I haven't checked my phone today, but the last time I checked (about 6 hours after I texted him) and still no text. Is this a definite sign that he doesn't like me? Was he just busy? I do not plan on texting him till he replies and I won't text him right away either.

I mean I do NOT cling to them lol