Who here thinks the next president will be the worst the US has ever had?

And the one after that and the one after that and so on?

Can't wait to see more people whine about how bad things are then. Can you?


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  • It depends, if we get another Obama then yes they will be the worst President the US will have ever had and if we keep electing Obama's over and over again then yes they will get progressively worse (hey, I guess that's being progressive for you!).

    However if we elect Rand Paul things should get a bit better towards the end of his first term, if we elect him a second time then we should get back on the right track again, it will take another Rand Paul in 2024 to really pull us out of it though.

    If we elect Marco Rubio or Paul Ryan or whatever then some things will improve and others will deteriorate, though which ones become which remains to be seen.

    • Just curious but what did you think of Bush when he was president? And pretend it's still 2007 and Obama hasn't even entered the picture yet.

    • He's a complete moron, doesn't know his ass from his elbow much less what he's doing as the leader of a massively powerful country. Cheney is also manipulating him for his own gain.

      Fast forward to Odumbo, he does know what he's doing and he's destroying the country on purpose.

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  • Who was the last truly great President?

    I've been given to believe that the last truly great, was JFK..

    That truly great leaders, come once in a generation or 2...

    So, you are probably due for a great one soon...

    but it may not be the next one..

    It might get worse before it gets better...

    Or perhaps, Obama 2.0 will become a revelation...

    Who knows.. only time will tell.

  • I actually can't wait to see who the next president will be! It was so amazing when barack was elected and then TWICE. Its like all kinds of people will be coming out of the woods trying to run for president now. It could be a Hispanic next or even a women. Who knows?

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    • ookamass shut the f*** up first of all. Was I talking to your ass.NO! You don't even deserve to comment beneath me. I didn't say anything about a white man or our president sucking. I said I can't wait to see who the next pres is.I am being optimistic about it because The Anonymous question asker seems a bit negative. And ya your mom should have swallowed. UGH!

    • Eddie guitar "You Moron"...about that social anxiety thing link if you want people to change their opinion about you maybe you shouldn't act like an ass.

  • There have been worse presidents, it's just the social climate at the times of their elections weren't as harsh. Honestly, as a person he is a pretty stand up guy.


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  • For my money, it will always be Franklin Pierce.

  • I do... It's been going in that direction for last few decades... After Reagan whom I actually liked, it was one bad president after another and they just get worse and worse... Obama has blinded most of the country and my last paycheck proved it... I'm single and make between 50,000 & 60,000... Now I understand about going after the wealthy and hick up their taxes... that needed to happen, but this idiot is going after the businesses as well. My company just froze all raises because they got hammered with a tax hick that destroyed their cash flow. They are also talking about mandatory time off instead of lay-offs. Lay-offs would bring their stock down and that would just makes things worse... Get ready people, something UGLY is coming to this country... It's a ripple effect that will reach everyone by end of year. Don't be fooled with nice smiles and pleasant appearances. ALL politicians suck, all have hidden agendas and in the end NONE are for the people, they are out for themselves.

  • We are getting way too tolerant of authoritarianism on both sides. Then there's the whole over-dependence on government for everything. The herd figured out how to vote itself a living out of it's neighbor's pocket. Even as far back as Plato, they knew that was the end for any democratic society.

    Pay folks to do nothing and they'll do a lot of it.

  • At the rate we're going, I wouldn't be surprised...

  • It is set up so the anyone who gets elected pres will put the wants of special interests way before the needs of the people. That's the way the elites and the ruling class have set it up. I don't think that exactly means that every succeeding president from here on out is gonna be worse than the one before. But politics is a dirty game and the desires of the special interest always come first, but you have to dupe the people into believing you care about them.

  • I actually think he could be better.

  • The situation will be worse and usually the people in power get the blame. So yeah.

  • As long as Americans choose to remain uninformed and uninvolved. As long as Americans choose to turn a blind eye to what's going on around them. As long as Americans continue to choose feel-good messages over the harsh realities.

    Until Americans stop choosing the lesser of two evils. Until Americans stop going well, I don't really like candidate A, but at least he's not candidate B and start going f**k candidates A and B, I'm voting my conscious and going with candidate C (or D or E or etc). We need a serious shift in the thought process of most Americans. Until then, it's hopeless.

  • Ithinkthepast2 we had were the werst... OHOHAHAHAH


  • I don't understand why people defend Obama so vehemently.. Do you know why the crash happened? It wasn't because of bush... The government was telling banks they had to give loans to people who couldn't afford them.. Why? Because it was racist if they didn't. It had f***ing socialism writing all over it.

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    • Can't even link to a source in this country, that's a UK website.

      Look up the Community Reinvestment Act, it started with CARTER.

    • President doesn't even have power over deregulation...

  • How could anyone know? So many sh*tty answers on this already.

  • If the next president is anything like Obama he will be. Bush was bad Obama is horrible so I hope we don't continue downword. People need to inform themselves.

  • aint no way we can have something worse than that socialist Muslim anti-christ. America has been ruined.


  • I don't know if we can get worse than we have now.

  • Obama is the worst possible President ever, so impossible.

    • Wonder which Obama-loving moderator is deleting the anti-Obama answers.

    • I'd love for nothing more for the Democratic party to completely implode when we fail as a country under Obama. People don't see it coming, but it is. We are going to go through some horrible times. I just hope afterward that Americans are smart enough to see that social reasoning alone is not why you vote, and that economic issues are always on the forefront of important.

  • its safe to say this country won't do as bad as Obama ever again