Who here thinks the next president will be the worst the US has ever had?

And the one after that and the one after that and so on?

Can't wait to see more people whine about how bad things are then. Can you?


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  • It depends, if we get another Obama then yes they will be the worst President the US will have ever had and if we keep electing Obama's over and over again then yes they will get progressively worse (hey, I guess that's being progressive for you!).

    However if we elect Rand Paul things should get a bit better towards the end of his first term, if we elect him a second time then we should get back on the right track again, it will take another Rand Paul in 2024 to really pull us out of it though.

    If we elect Marco Rubio or Paul Ryan or whatever then some things will improve and others will deteriorate, though which ones become which remains to be seen.

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      Just curious but what did you think of Bush when he was president? And pretend it's still 2007 and Obama hasn't even entered the picture yet.

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      He's a complete moron, doesn't know his ass from his elbow much less what he's doing as the leader of a massively powerful country. Cheney is also manipulating him for his own gain.

      Fast forward to Odumbo, he does know what he's doing and he's destroying the country on purpose.