Opinions on bodys scares

I'm a little curious, I have a number of body scares on me but a lot of them have nasty stories behind them and a few of them look nasty. Would you ever date a person with scares like this?

What the hell why haven't I been told this stuff.

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  • honestly if the scars are self-inflicted I would be worried, I would still date the person but I have to make sure that he is mentally and emotionally stable, if he isn't then I can be a friend to help him on whatever means I can.. if the scars are due to medical conditions I would definitely date the person no big deal at all!

    • Just about all of my noticeable ones are from surgery, there are a couple I have from being an ideate.

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  • It's only on the body right? Well as long as the guy's face is OK :) well I'd date him !

    • doesn't matter :)hmm you could wear a tatoo on it to hide it :P

    • What about a guys neck?

  • your stories are what makes you you. Relax some women will freak most won't care. Just save the stories for the ones you want to make a good go of it.

    • Far enough

  • Like 'prophecy' said.. scars can be a sexy thing and the stories behind them are hopefully amusing as well.

    • Awww.. I'm so sorry.. You will find the right girl that will love you for who you are.And not only appreciate your scars.. but be completely attracted to them.They are proof that you could have died.. and without those scars.. you would not be alive.There is nothing to be ashamed about them.. and I am glad you aren't.It is actually one of a few of my fetishes that fascinates me.I'm actually quite intrigued by stories like theses.. it allures me.God bless you dear :)

    • Yet I am not ashamed of them.

    • I wasn't offended but my scares on my chest are there cause I had tubes put in me to drain blood out of my lungs. Then I have this one on my neck that has been cut open 4 times to get a tube going into a main blood vessel near my heart. Then I have an internal scare that not even the doctors know what happened. All mine have bad stories behind them.

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  • scars can be hot. and if you have some badass stories behind them you got yourself a winner.

    • Hahaha I like that answer, slight problem though all of mine look bad and have a bad story to go with them. But sh*t just happens I suppose.