Do I have a right to be uncomfortable with their actions?


My boyfriend goes go Maui every year, usually with another family. This year, however, his family went with only the daughter of the other family. I girl in our grade who is a talented flirt. She's not my favorite person but I don't comment on their relationship. Or try not to as much as possible. Anyway, they got back and she updates her cover photo... a montage of great pics from the trip. Including one of her hugging my boyfriend and one of him with his arm around her. Sure, both actions could be friendly, but I guess you have to know said girl.

My question is this: do I say something to my boyfriend about how it makes me feel or do I keep quiet and pretend it didn't happen?

Thank you!


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  • don't make assumptions based on this picture. If the family goes on vacation every year with this family then you can assume that their relationship is mostly platonic and just because her parents didn't go doesn't mean they are suddenly going to start f*cking like rabbits.

    do you trust your boyfriend? do you have any suspicion aside from circumstance and pictures? has your boyfriend acted differently since returning?

    If they're family friends then a hug or an arm around a waste is really nothing... I do the same with family friends who are female as well.

    I think in lieu of some other reason (aside from pictures and her being a flirt) being present you need to trust your boyfriend... I think you can bring this up if you want but you are definitely going to sound jealous and the boyfriend may get defensive if he feels like your accusations or assumptions are unwarranted.

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      you do realize we are talking about teenagers here right?

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      i do know I'm talking to a teenager. what's your point? everything I said still applies