Do you think Obama will issue an Executive Order to abolish the 2nd amendment?

So as we all know, Obama loves Executive Orders. He's issued almost 930 of them since he took office in 2008. Unfortunately, he uses them to get his own way on things that Congress votes against him on, such as the D.R.E.A.M. act. The recent massive shootings like the Colorado movie massacre and of course Sandy Hook have created a stir about the right to bear arms. There is an amendment in our Constitution (the supreme law of the United States of America) that allows us this right. There are is a stir that Obama will use an Executive Order to abolish this amendment and take gun ownership rights away from Americans. What is this going to do to America and the interests of it's citizens? Because a couple mentally unfit people use guns to carry out large-scale killings, the mentally sane need to lose their rights as a result? How about those who have served America in the military and own guns, are you going to take away a right they fought for?This President is out of control with control. As a citizen, how do you feel about the President doing this?Gun owners, how will you react if you have to surrender your guns?

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People who are educated would know what happened during Prohibition, when a Democratic President decided to ban alcohol. Drinking didn't go away, crime went up, and it created tons of problems. That is until the repeal movement was started by a wealthy Republican, Pauline Sabin, who said that prohibition should be repealed because it made the US a nation of hypocrites.

Same goes with weed.
Weed is now legalized in several states and you've seen distribution centers in Washington robbed as a result and will make crime increase.

Now back to guns. You cannot take away the rights of someone without a fight being put up. It was Robert A. Heinlein who wrote: "An armed society is a polite society. Manners are good when one may have to back up his acts with his life". You aren't going to shoot someone who can shoot you back.

If you make it illegal, people will still get it somehow.

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  • First off. I'd like to put it on the record here. That I will not surrender any of my weapons if they are made illegal. Just saying.And I'm law abiding. So you think a criminal will turn in their guns? Nope. A gun is unusual in comparison to cyanide, a car, windex and a million other things in that it lasts pretty much forever.So even if you outlaw the sale of guns, and even their manufacture. There will still be guns, and they will still be used.Also. Libs like to say that "gun violence is higher in the US then places where guns aren't allowed" well quite. Sure that's true. But so what? Because violent crime, murder and real rape are significantly lower.So Europeans don't have no guns. But they've still found other ways to hurt each other and... they seem to be better at it then us gun waving rednecks

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  • I kinda agree with it to a certain degree. I don't think guns should be taken away because there definitely are responsible owners that shouldn't be punished. But at the same time getting a fun really isn't that difficult in certain areas and that needs to change. Something clearly needs to be done but taking away guns isn't the solution

    • So if they tighten up who can get guns, that's fine. But just like drugs that have been illegal forever, people will still be able to get them! If you limit who can have ownership of guns and grandfather the people who already have been allowed to have them, fine. I'd compromise on that. But if there is an Executive Order handed down that bans guns and makes owners surrender theirs, it's going to be a blood bath in America.

  • How do I feel about the president doing this? He hasn't and there's a 99% chance he won't.

    • Well I left 1% chance that it might happen because I can't say for certain it won't...but anything saying he is going to abolish an amendment to the constitution through executive orders is simply fear mongering crap. PS. This country is much closer to Fascism than Socialism and it would behove you to learn the difference.

    • Nothing is out of the rhelm of possibility with him. He wants one big Socialized and Globalist world.

  • Out of my cold dead hands will he take my little pink 9 mill(:

  • likely he will try to and with the jokes that are in congress he will probably get some kind of ban on 'assault' weapons and magazine is very bad that any president tries to overrule the constitution.what guns ;)

  • I like my guns. My dad likes his guns. Everyone in my family shoots for fun. We're responsible gun owners. He can probably propose it, but I doubt Congress would agree. Also, if he does, it'll probably become like prohibition and not work.

    • Thanks.

    • Wow that's really cool.

    • An assortment of pistols and hunting rifles. They're really my dad's but I play with them sometimes. And by "play" I mean I go out and shoot at targets. We have a few .22 pistols in our house and a 30-06. I like the pistols better than the rifles though. But I'm a pretty good shot with all of them :)

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  • If the 2nd amendment says "you can kill your neighbor" it still doesn't make it right. After so many massacres have been done with guns he needs to abolish it. This is 2013 not the 1800's.

    • I am in school and not liberally brainwashed and can see what a cancer to America that Obama is and I am years younger then you. He is not going to take my guns away. Period.

    • "people like you" I didn't call you a Republican. I was just making the correlation between all the negative rhetoric and not being liked. Young is relative... Demographically 18-35 is deemed young, plus I feel young, and I'm currently being "brainwashed" in school. Stop with the negativity! If you have something cogent to say, say it without tainting your argument with negativity and bias.

    • you're libertarian but you hate guns? that makes sense

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  • Gun control is the belief that the woman found raped and strangled to death with her own pantyhose is somehow morally superior to the woman explaining to the cops why her attacker took three shots the chest and is dead on the ground.

    • LOL!

  • You want them? Come and take them: from my cold dead hands.

  • Our founding fathers gave us that right for a reason,the rights given to us in the bill of rights are ones they believed were needed for our country to be run right. Taking them away is not the right idea.

    • I mean order of importance:1) Freedom of speech2) Owning guns

  • "This President is out of control with control"That sentence makes me feel pretty disinterested in engaging in conversation, as this seems like a rhetorical exercise in sensationalism.Yes, a national conversation about American gun ownership (legal and illegal) is happening.Yes, the president (recently reelected) has made this a platform issue for his office.Yes, the 2nd amendment of the Bill of Rights deeply entrenches a protected interest in the right to bear arms.There are far more interesting conversations to have than an abolition of the 2nd amendment.That would be the least effective way to accomplish the goals of the administration. It would turn into a political power struggle that would be a waste of resources and great minds.However, you can expect your guns and ammunition to be taxed. You can expect the access at gun shows to be challenged. You can expect regulations about what kinds of weaponry can be sold in this country to be enforced and enhanced.Also, it's not just the president doing this. He is certainly the most powerful political and administrative person in this country, but he's not executing his whims here. There is a very loud constituency of educated and considerate American citizens who are very concerned with this policy. And that constituency is a spectrum of people, with a spectrum of goals and ideas.It's pretty reductive to call this OBAMA v The Constitution

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  • No. This will lead to people to refuse to comply. I already have my gulch.

    • People will refuse to comply, yes. It will not end well for the United States.

  • I would hope they abolish the second amendment. There is no reason for ANYONE to have a gun. I still maintain that the only people who should be allowed to carry are the police and only while on duty, and same with the armed forces. However, once they have civilian status, they should not be allowed to have them.

    • @KingsOfLeon- you've wasted everyones time because you're NOT AMERICAN and are enstiling your personal beliefs on everyone. That is just downright arrogant. I don't care at all that you disagree with the NRA because YOU DON'T LIVE IN AMERICA. Just as benos4752, there were other potential mass shootings that were detered by an armed citizen, which saved many lives. Why aren't you listening to the positive factors of having armed citizens? Oh ya, you're not from America, that's right.

    • Answer my previous question, turd. You said there is no reason for ANYONE to own a gun. Would you tell that to the women and the kid I posted about below? Those aren't hypothetical stories. Those all happened within the last year, plus many more like them. They all had to take action long before cops could get there. You wanna act like you value human lives more than us, but you wish to deprive people of the very tool that saved the lives of those below.

    • Really? I've wasted everyone's time because I don't agree with the Majority of NRA supporters/gun advocates...I'd rather be arrogant and stick by a cause I believe, than be a douche who clearly doesn't seem to value human life

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  • There's no way he's even considering that. He's too good of a statesman, a lame duck, and wants to make it as easy as possible for a Democrat to follow him in 2016. That sort of move would not serve his interests.Plus the whole one man cannot abolish a constitutional right thing. The Supreme Court would overturn it fast enough to give Biden whiplash.He may do something (AWB, hi cap mag ban, etc), but it will not be what you proposed and it will be open to challenges in the courts.You're just trollin anyway, but it's worth mentioning that Boehner is less popular than cockroaches now... At least POTUS has a moderate level of approval.

    • They do matter. You know what else matters? Putting your hand over your heart during The Pledge of Allegiance and wearing a tie when you stand in front of the Seal of The President of the United States. The man has swagger, and swagger isn't stately at all.

    • Look up the word statesmen, and you'll see that none of those things matter.

    • Obama isn't a good statesman. What has he done while in office? His foreign policy is absolute crap. We outsed the Libyan leader and they were replaced with the Muslim Brotherhood. Mubarak who loved the United States is no longer in charge in Egypt and the Muslim Brotherhood runs there. Syria is running a muck on their own citizens, and Iran is advancing it's nuclear capabilities. He blew off a meeting with Netanyahu to go on 'The View' talk show. Explain how that is being a good statesman.

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  • I am simply going to say that he can Executive Order anything he wants... and he will try to do something here. If someone takes him to court, he could get overturned that way. I do not think Congress could actually do it. The Senate would support him, the House would not. So if he goes an EO route, it is going to depend on whether any group, and one know they will, take him to court. If they do, this could go all the way to the Supremes...