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What should I do about this gym guy?

Okay, so there is this guy at the gym and I think he's so attractive and hot, lol. We've never spoken, but it seems like we always always make eye... Show More

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  • Next time give him a good smile. If he's interested, (and smart) he'll take that as his cue to approach. If he doesn't here's a few reasons why:1. His mother didn't teach him it's not polite to stare2. He's interested, but too scared to approach you.3. He's a little slow, and you smiling wasn't a big enough hint. You might need to approach him.

    • I'm going to try it to tonight. I'm nervous though.

    • Ha ha..good! If you weren't nervous, you probably wouldn't be interested in him anyway! Good Luck!

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  • You can come over & say Hi to me.

  • i work in a gym so I know about this haha, ask him to come over for help with a machine or diet tips and just keep trying until he says something witty so you guys can have a normal conversation

  • Maybe he's interested, but doesn't know what to say you, could possibly think you're taken, or may think you're out of his league. I mean, there could be a thousand different possibilities why he hasn't said anything.

  • He just doesn't know enough about you to make an informed decision. For all he know's you're taken and you might get cheeped out by him.

  • If he's super hot and buff, he's likely a player if he's single. Guys like that don't stay single for long if they like relationships. If you are okay with just being one of his flings, then approach him. But if you want a serious relationship, these types will pump and dump you quickly more often than not. I used to work at a gym and guys like that would eat girls up and spit them out regularly. Just giving you fair warning if you're not into casual sex and no commitment!

    • Lol. Pump and dump. Yeah, I'm definitely not that type.

    • Okay, just be careful and don't allow yourself to go on any "date" in private where things can escalate quickly otherwise it can turn into pump and dump quickly.

What Girls Said 2

  • When you two make eye contact smile to show your interest, or wave.

  • he likes you! you don't just get that vibe for no reason, especially if he's looking at you. id say wait for him and if he doesn't do anything in a month, make a move

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