Thin with thick thighs and a bit of extra belly, deal breaker, can I lose that in 2 months?

I am really tiny on my top half I have narrow shoulder and small boobs and use xs but the area where a short would cover is like a medium size so quite different than the top So the proportion makes me look somewhat fat and I wanna lose that fat, if I cut all the sugar and work out everyday could I lose that? Its like 4kg that I need to lose any tips would be great...

And opinions about this body type


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  • I know this sounds trite, but I really don't worry so much about body shape, as I feel if she accepts me for the way I am, then I can do the same, really if the woman in question has a pretty face and a nice personality it goes a VERY long way for me. I feel this way because I'm not perfect, so in turn not only do I not look for perfection, I don't expect it in any way.


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  • It is all good in my oppinion.

    A person should be attracted to the outside, yet it is the inside that they should be in love with.

    • thats nice but I want my guy to love my outside too

  • they always say don't drink you calories. every soda or juice replace with water.

    but honestly "a little bit of extra belly" never made anyone ugly. I'm assuming that you have a big ass so embrace it. guys should love it

    • the ass is small its just my thighs if was the ass I wouldn't mind

  • Like the other guy said a picture would help. A lot of girls think their fat when their actually really hot. Your body sound really nice.

    • i am hot with clothes on not without them...with clothes I just look sexy curvy

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    • I don't think seeing will make a different like I said my shape is Nice with clothes on where it doesn't show the sofftness all my friends tell me I have a sexy shape but I never Let anyone see me in bikini cause I like the way they think of me

    • Your probably hot, but self conscious like a lot of people are.

  • For actual opinions you would need to post a picture.

    Other than that, jogging/running is the best to burn fat from what I hear.

    I have no idea what you mean because those words can change drastically depending on the person.

  • I definitely think you can! Check out this website for inspirational stories link

  • i don't know how one can be thick but thin at the same time. all our bodies are different however. are bodies store more fat in certain areas than others. id recommend a healthy lifestyle and regular exercise regime, not just a 2 month deal. if you want to have your ideal body type. at least 30 min of moderate cardio everyday, some resistance training and a healthy diet, with lots of fiber.

    • well I am just like that, I will try to be healthier forever but now I really need to loose my bottom half extra fat...

  • plyometrics is key

    depth jumps 4x6 12 inch box

    sprints 50 yard 4 sets. 3 minutes rest between sets

    burpees 4x10 2 min rest (not really plyos but great for losing weight)

    bulgarian split lunge jumps 3x6

  • i like thicker girls and it doesn't bother me as long as you're not too unhealthily over weight

    • i am healthy but I don't look good in a bikini

  • Tone it but don't lose them thighs.

    • still to big for my size

    • Do you really? Be sure and like your body regardless. It is a smart choice to get into your desired shape and health though.

  • You can do side bends or situps.

  • You'd be surprised how many guys actually LOVE thick thighs! I think they are hot and feminine! Many girls have that kind of a body type, I personally like it a lot.

    • well its hot if its toned I guess, I am toned a bit but just in the front of my thighs not the inner and outer thigh

  • I could deal with the belly much easier than I could the thighs.


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  • Make sure you drink lots of water and other fluids. Soup is great. Cut out empty calories. Do lots of cardio and ab workouts. Jillian michaels 30 day shred is awesome and kicks butt. Eat small but often meals to keep your metabolism up. After working out for at least 30 minutes you start to finally burn adipose tissue or glycogen (fat stores in body) to keep burning this after working out if you eat a simple sugar it will keep your metabolism that level so it will continue to burn the stored fat. I'd suggest joining a Zumba or some type of aerobic dance class even if its once a week for an hour because they really shred excess stomach fat.

  • That's not fat, that's called curves. Thick thighs are favored over stick thighs. A tiny belly isn't a problem. It's fun to grab onto it sometimes. I think you're body is fine and you don't need to loose weight. Your top is already skinny and your bottom is curvy... That's the way your body is structured since its not actually fat because its curvy.

    • i think in my case is fat some is curve but most is fat :( and my bely isn't that tiny its just something I can hide with clothes

  • Eat only vegetables and fruit cut you calorie intake down to 300/500 calories a day . Depending on what you can handle and drink 2ltr of water a day minimum . Drink nothing except water and black coffie.

  • I have a somewhat similar body type and what I do to tighten up my stomach and thighs is extra squats and a lot of yoga positions that focus on the thigh area, I also do Krav Maga three times a week so that probably helps too. Diets don't work for me, and I also suffer from low blood-sugar in the morning so cuting out all sugary foods just doesn't work. The key is portion control. Eat whatever you want but in smaller doses. I do have to say though, cut out all sugary drinks like soda and stick to juice, water, and tea-a soda once in awhile is fine, but make it a habit to prefer juice, water, tea because it keeps you hydrated and is good for your skin, not to mention soft drinks are massively unhealthy. Also remember to eat a protein bar- 20-30g's- after exercise for muscle repair so you aren't so achey after exercise. Hope this helps.

  • just remember that you can't target where you loose fat, but you can target where you tone. I hope that made sense to you... you can't say oh, I'm going to loose stomach fat, it doesn't work that way. your body will loose fat where ever it wants to. but what you do, is build up muscle where you want to.