Thin with thick thighs and a bit of extra belly, deal breaker, can I lose that in 2 months?

I am really tiny on my top half I have narrow shoulder and small boobs and use xs but the area where a short would cover is like a medium size so quite different than the top So the proportion makes me look somewhat fat and I wanna lose that fat, if I cut all the sugar and work out everyday could I lose that? Its like 4kg that I need to lose any tips would be great...

And opinions about this body type


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  • I know this sounds trite, but I really don't worry so much about body shape, as I feel if she accepts me for the way I am, then I can do the same, really if the woman in question has a pretty face and a nice personality it goes a VERY long way for me. I feel this way because I'm not perfect, so in turn not only do I not look for perfection, I don't expect it in any way.