Guys with trucks...big egos, compensating for something, or other reasons?

Just curious to see what you all would say to this question. I've heard both mentioned stereotypes before, and I was wondering if they actually are proven true sometimes, especially the second one. Comment away!


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  • Hmm this could be an interesting point. Somebody's choice of car could reveal something about their character. Everybody assumes that people who buy rich cars are usually vain and self-absorbed and sometimes it turns out to be true lol so maybe guys with trucks have big egos but that's a huge statement. Some men with trucks are actually VERY humble, they work in construction or painting and need a truck to carry all their hard working materials.. While others are so traditional and love country music that all they will drive is a truck lol to represent American family traditional values.. or while others get monster trucks because they wanna look cool.. they may have a tiny ego about being better but you never know

    Honestly I can't tell you.. you have to get to know a person.. a person can be so nice and loving and caring and drive a truck.. it really depends on the personality.. you meet nice people in every stereotype lol so yep

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  • I thought so too, but it's a narrow minded stereotype. I do know the type that DO this, drive trucks because they feel like the big guy. (And happen to have 'little man' ego complexes) but with my boyfriend, in which he doesn't have a truck persay but...when I met him...he was so nice, so great...had a wonderful personality, a great job, a nice home, a couple of cars...I instinctively started wondering if he was great to compensate, I wondered if he was making up for any lack...imagine my surprise...when that wasn't the case. Which leads me to understand...some people like making the most of themselves. And some people, therefore, just like big trucks. But then again, I'm from Texas...we like our trucks.

  • Not always. My boyfriend has a truck and he's a good size down there and he always is very respectful and polite. He's the kind of guy that will give money to and make conversation with the homeless. I've never really seen his ego inflate. However I know this other guy with a truck that has an American and confederate flag on it and he drives real fast and picks fights with people in class including the teachers. No idea what's under his pants but this kid has got one of the most swelling egos I have ever seen. I guess you don't have to have a big ego to drive a truck but it does tend to be that way. Still that doesn't mean you should see a big truck and think wow what an A hole. Now if the truck has fire stickers tinted windows and giant may be right

  • never thought it had anything to do with those things. I've got lots of male friends with trucks; most of them it is for practical reasons.

  • it's interesting what plethora of questions we get on here.

    to be honest I have never dated a guy who had a truck.

    I usually dated guys, not based on cars or what vehicle they drive...

    although if I were to think about it, I'm not sure what it means...

    I have dated guys who drive sport/ race cars, a hummer, a regular car and a mini.

    lol I'm not sure what it says about them though.

  • I think they're overcompensating, honestly. Unless they have other reasons to have a large truck (like work) or a big ego (like an important job or high status), then they could be over compensating.

    I work at a sausage place and the guys at work always tell me that there is an inverse relationship between the length of the sausage a guy orders and the length of his penis. Now I can't stop picturing a tiny penis when someone asks what our biggest sausage is.

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  • Some of them have big trucks to outdo the next guy, some have them just because that's their thing and they want to see what all they can do with them.

  • Ha ha ha yes!

    Most guys that drive pickup trucks are jerks with small penises lol

  • I was reading the comments by the females and they are all simply 'going along for the ride' in the feeling of inflated ego in the inflated tires. Of course they are going to support their 'man' who has already been placed into servitude and slavery for the female. Of course they won't bite the hand that feeds them and takes them to the mall in the truck. Or when they get to drive the truck around talking on their cellphone hitting small children on bicycles. When you have a fickle perk - you have brain shut down. Let's hear from the reality after the honeymoon phase. Who cares if they are compensating for their penis size - that really doesn't matter - they are compensating for lack of intelligence when it comes down to it. I keep hearing how practical matters is the reason they have a truck. Ha - rarely is the case where one would need such a vehicle for transporting 3 2x4's and an air compressor which fit fine into a traditional F150 size pickup. Nor do 99% of these monster truck owners actually utilize the functionality of these beasts.. jacking them up and buying tires that cost as much as the truck itself - never to be tested in off road situations except of course when they wake up in a field after driving off the highway after that long night of cocaine and booze.

  • Well, For me I happen to be a guy, and I own a customized 1968 m35a2c Deuce and a half, but i use it for work, and surviving in severe winter conditions. Where I come from, having a big truck ( with 4WD) could possibly mean life and death, and being able to get from point A to point B alive. Not really big ego or trying to outdo the next guy.

  • I think they just like having a cool truck

    • Could be. I've seen some pretty cool trucks, then again, I've seen some trucks that either had parts that didn't belong on the truck in the first place, or the truck wasn't worth having money dumped into it to begin with.