Guys with trucks...big egos, compensating for something, or other reasons?

Just curious to see what you all would say to this question. I've heard both mentioned stereotypes before, and I was wondering if they actually are proven true sometimes, especially the second one. Comment away!


Most Helpful Girl

  • Hmm this could be an interesting point. Somebody's choice of car could reveal something about their character. Everybody assumes that people who buy rich cars are usually vain and self-absorbed and sometimes it turns out to be true lol so maybe guys with trucks have big egos but that's a huge statement. Some men with trucks are actually VERY humble, they work in construction or painting and need a truck to carry all their hard working materials.. While others are so traditional and love country music that all they will drive is a truck lol to represent American family traditional values.. or while others get monster trucks because they wanna look cool.. they may have a tiny ego about being better but you never know

    Honestly I can't tell you.. you have to get to know a person.. a person can be so nice and loving and caring and drive a truck.. it really depends on the personality.. you meet nice people in every stereotype lol so yep